WATCH: Motorbike thief gets instant karma after victim REFUSES to be attacked

The video captured a young couple walking down the street with a large blue umbrella to shield them.

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A motorbike drove past them without stopping, followed by two men on another motorbike.

The second bike slowed down in front of the couple and attempted to rob them.

However, the young man refused to be a victim and fought them off.

Instead of using his fists, the man used his large blue umbrella to battle them.

He opened and closed it quickly, hitting them with it while shielding him at the same time.

The thieves tried to hit him back but couldn’t get out of the way of the umbrella.

The man on the back took a direct hit to the face with a right hook and was almost knocked off the bike before they both decided to drive off after their failed attempt.

The brave victim then ran away with his partner and their umbrella having narrowly avoided something much more serious.

The video has since gone viral, with nearly 70,000 people watching it in just one day.

Many loved the actions of the man: “I’d wager it ain’t Mr stabby-umbrella-defender-mans first rodeo, I for one support his rapid proactive attitude towards personal space/safety.”

Some questioned how he knew they were going to rob him, although others remarked: “There is no reason for two dudes on a bike to stop you anywhere in the world aside from robbery.”

Others loved the victim’s sneaky punch at the end: “If you look close he gives the guy a hell of a right.”

One user missed the point entirely, stating they always had an umbrella in their golf bag as “they are the best thing for scaring away kangaroos”.

Robbers are often caught on camera being hit with instant karma in their failed attempts to break the law.

One man tried to rob a convenience store in Mexico while armed with a gun.

A man wearing a cowboy hat, however instantly took him down before calling the police.

Four men tried to steal a man’s car in broad daylight.

However, a number of citizens then chased the car thieves with metal poles until they retreat into their own car and flee.

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