WATCH: Famous passenger shocked to see someone do this on first class flight

Flights in first class are assumed to be an elegant affair with passengers behaving well. However, an alarming viral video has proven that some people behave no better in the superior class. The shocking clip shows a passenger doing something that is often frowned upon. They were filmed stretching their feet up onto the seat in front so they’re just behind a fellow flier’s head.

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To make matters worse, the feet are completely naked – although they do at least seem clean.

What’s more, the passenger in front – and the person filming the outrageous etiquette – is none other than three-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White.

The American professional snowboarder and skateboarder can be seen shaking his head in disgust at the other person’s behaviour.

He captures his own disapproving face before raising the camera and filming the person’s feet behind him.

The disturbing video was uploaded to White’s Instagram account and shared by passengershaming.

Viewers have been horrified by the clip and have shared their reactions online.

“They have zero excuse! They have so much room!” one Instagram user commented.

Another posted: “Oh my goodness! I just can’t believe people act in this way! Doesn’t anyone ever say anything to them?”

Others felt even more strongly: “I guess this means that these barefooted animals aren’t just in coach, they’ve migrated to first class also,” a third person wrote.

Other people suggested White should have responded by tickling the offending feet or slapping them down with shoes.

This is far from the first time that passengers have been shocked by someone else’s feet during a flight.

A disturbing viral video filmed a female flier carrying out a grim activity that should only ever be done in private.

Sitting in the window seat of the plane cabin, the woman was captured picking dead skin off the bottom of her feet and dropping the flakes on the floor. 

At no point does she stop to consider when the repulsive activity might upset others around her.

The bits of skin she is shedding are being dropped on the floor with little care.

In fact, the woman is scrolling on her phone while she gives herself this gruesome pedicure.

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