WATCH: Crocodile show goes VERY wrong in viral video – but not as you might think

A crocodile show is always a scary feat for anyone getting up close to the toothy beasts.

And these performers taking part in a display in China are clearly not comfortable with the crocs.

A hilarious viral video captured the moment terror suddenly spread during a crocodile show – but it wasn’t the reptile’s fault.

The clip shows a man, centre-stage, apparently inserting a yellow balloon into a crocodile’s mouth.

Two men stand to one side, next to a pool of water while a smartly dressed woman addresses the audience.

The act with the crocodile seems to be going to plan, with the beast showing no signs of stirring, let alone attacking.

However, suddenly, one of the men standing by slips and falls into the murky pool.

Screams erupt from all sides as the performers madly dash to the other side in terror and the fallen man hastily scrambles to his feet to get away.

It seems the assembled crowds and the performers themselves believed the man was under attack from a submerged croc.

But in reality, he clearly had just slipped and no real harm had come to him.

In fact, throughout the drama on stage, the crocodile – indeed, the only threat visible – lies placidly on the ground.

It doesn’t seem to budge one inch while the performers panic around it.

As the video ends, the crowds seem to realise what has happened – that it was a false alarm – and begin to laugh.

Some internet users found the video very funny but others mocked the performers.

One pointed out that just before the man slipped, he held his fingers up to ears to presumably protect himself from the noise of the balloon bursting.

“He had to stick his fingers in his ears because a balloon popping was too loud and scary. Seems like they didn’t ask the correct questions in his job interview,” the internet users posted.

Others speculated that the skit was fake and was acted just to amuse the audience.

“It’s so obvious these guys put on a show for the tourists, a little comic relief,” one wrote.

Another agreed: “Did anyone believe they were scared for real, this is part of the show.”

Some even wondered whether the crocodile was even real it remained so immobile. “Plastic croc,” one person commented.

Last week a shocking viral video emerged of the alarming moment a great white shark attacked another shark as they fought over food off the coast of South Africa. 

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