Update Your Skincare Routine for Healthier Skin This Autumn

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The days are getting shorter and the air is getting crisp, which can only mean one thing – autumn is officially here. And while that’s good news for those who love the changing leaves, sweaters and boots, it might not be such good news for those who’ve experienced sun-damaged skin this summer. Approximately 90% of skin aging, or skin damage is caused by extensive sun exposure; so, if you haven’t been careful this summer, make sure to take the following steps and prepare your skin for the colder months.

Exfoliate with ground oats

While exfoliation is usually recommended for people with oily skin, what many don’t know is that exfoliation is necessary for people with dry, flaky skin as well. The reason? Gentle peeling of the upper layer of the skin – the epidermis – is important because it removes the dead skin cells and allows new ones to surface. In a way, exfoliation contributes to the regeneration of the skin, which makes it an essential part of one’s daily skincare routine.

Ground oats are one of the best natural products for exfoliation for the following reasons:

  • Oats don’t strip the skin of its natural oils
  • It is rich in antioxidants and helps undo sun damage
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties

So, whether you have oily or dry skin, oats are a safe and natural option that can do marvels for your skin. An added bonus of this organic product is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals, like preservatives that dry out the skin, and cause further irritation. This practice is recommended up to 3 or 4 times a week, depending on the condition of your skin.

Hydrate with vitamin E

After exfoliation, hydration is the next crucial step. Just like oats, Vitamin E is an all-natural substance that is derived from plants like sunflower, almonds, and safflower. It is a powerful antioxidant that effectively reduces UV damage in skin, and it also protects the dermis from any free radicals that can further damage the skin.

To enhance its effect, apply it with a few drops of water to ensure even greater hydration. Feel free to make Vitamin E a part of your morning and evening routine, as applying it twice a day will result in well-nourished skin during the cold months.

Always remove makeup at the end of the day 

As tedious of a task it may be, removing makeup from your skin and going to bed with a clean face is just as important as exfoliation and hydration. When you leave makeup on throughout the night, it clogs the pores, and doesn’t let the skin breathe properly, which leads to dull, unnourished skin. In other words, deeper layers of the skin (dermis) do not get enough oxygen, which can even result in dryness and premature wrinkles.

Having well-nourished glowing skin during the cooler months is not that difficult. You do, however, have to maintain a regular skin care routine, and always remove makeup, even on your lazy days when you’d rather just leave it on and go to bed.

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