The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Rick Grimes's reemergence sparks concern amongst fans

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season nine, episode nine.

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Whisperer leader Alpha (played by Samantha Morton’) lived a somewhat normal life before taking control of a mask-wearing pack.

The Walking Dead finally shared her backstory with viewers, revealing she lived in a small survivor camp inside of a warehouse with her daughter Lydia (Cassady McClincy) and husband Frank (Steve Kazee).

Her camp was eventually torn apart, but before it was destroyed a small stuffed rabbit was displayed.

The rabbit in episode 10, entitled Omega, was the same bunny found in Gracie’s crib in season eight and also appeared in a dream sequence involving Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Carl (Chandler Riggs), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Judith (Cailey Fleming).

At the time the rabbit was seen with Rick, Carl and Michonne, Judith came down stairs holding it in her arms.

However, the scene was later revealed to be nothing more than a vision of the future from Carl as he laid on his deathbed.

Although the significance of the rabbit is unknown, there seems to be an correlation between the Gracie’s Savior father, who was killed by Rick, and the start of the apocalypse.

What’s more the exposing of Alpha past and reappearance of the rabbit has left fans fearing the new arrival’s presence will result in chaos.

It was revealed Alpha was abusive towards her partner in their relationship and apparently beat her daughter Lydia.

Discussing Alpha’s backstory on Twitter, one person wrote: “OMG The Walking Dead is so f***ing creepy now. Alpha is so scary, I’m not OK.”

Another person wrote: “This Alpha of The Walking Dead is the devil!”

A third fan asked their followers: “Are you scared? You should be. This b***h is worst than Negan or the Governor. Let’s give a warm Walking Dead welcome to ALPHA.”

Someone else said: “So Alpha was the abusive one in the relationship and Lydia’s scars came from her mum. The Walking Dead are really doing a good job making me hate this villain, which is great for the shows suspense.”

Another agreed: “OMG I love how some of Alpha’s backstory just played out on The Walking Dead. Such good storytelling.”

Although Alpha is seen as the new villain of The Walking Dead, actress Samantha Morton, who portrays Alpha in the AMC series, insisted she does not see her character as that at all.

“To me, I don’t see that I’m playing a villain at all,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m playing somebody with absolute determination and conviction in her beliefs, and in a way, almost kind of evangelical with it.”

She added: “I think her opinions and her beliefs about how society should be — to her, they’re no-brainer. It doesn’t make any sense to go back to the way things were.”

The Walking Dead season 9 continues next Sunday on AMC and the following Monday at 9pm on Fox in the UK.

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