The Voice Top 8 Performance Recap: Which Singers Sounded Finals-Bound?

Believe it or not, there was some business to attend to on The Voice Monday besides Adam Levine more or less totally ignoring the #AdamSucks backlash that erupted after he played favorites with his team members during the Top 10 Results Show. The remaining eight singers — including the now-recovered Reagan Strange — performed twice in hopes of surviving Tuesday’s Semifinals bloodbath and advancing to the Finals. Which of them sounded like they were going to be put through — and which of them were likely to get through regardless of how they sounded? Read on, and we’ll discuss.

the-voice-recap-reagan-strange-kennedy-holmes-top-8-performancesChris Kroeze (Team Blake) and Sarah Grace (Team Kelly), “Jumpin’ Jack Flash/Chain of Fools” — Grades: B- (Chris), A- (Sarah) | Ah, now this was the Sarah that I’d always thought should make the Final Four. Stank face fully deployed and with a snarl in her voice, she hit the “gas, gas, gas,” and took the hell off. She and Chris even sounded pretty damn good together. The sound mixing needed work, but that wasn’t on them. Had this been a Battle, not a “duet blend,” Sarah would’ve walked away with it — and it takes some doing to out-sing Chris. She just sounded and moved like the real deal.

Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly), “Blue” — Grade: B+ | Ding! Ding! Ding — we have a winner in the category of Best Song/Singer Match-Up. LeAnn Rimes’ first hit was the perfect — and I mean perfect — choice for Chevel. She still had difficulty with her lower register — why not just raise the key? — but overall, she sounded like she was ready to put the grand in Grand Ole Opry. And between the facts that the number didn’t require her to move around on stage much (not a specialty of hers) and allowed her to do that yodel-y thing on the choruses (which is a specialty), I reckoned this country-as-a-backyard-barbecue performance was just the thing to keep her from having to sing for the Save Tuesday.

Kirk Jay (Team Blake), “I Swear” — Grade: B- | If Kirk was going to dedicate a performance to a fan who was battling cancer, this should’ve been a good one. John Michael Montgomery’s oldie was a complete and total bullseye in his comfort zone. And it did allow him to radiate sincerity — his stock in trade — and sing with enough emotion to make a listener weak in the knees. But something seemed off for him tonight. His vocal sounded a little froggy at times, and he occasionally kinda threw away the lines that he sang more softly. His glory notes were glorious indeed, but this wasn’t his finest performance — and definitely not the one I hoped he’d give with four singers being sent packing on Tuesday. I figure he’s still safe, but jeez, this wasn’t the slam dunk that it should’ve been.

So, what did you think of the performances? Did Reagan redeem herself, as her coach so hoped she would? Vote in the polls below, then hit the comments.

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