The Voice Performance Finale Recap: Which of the Top 4 Contestants Sounded Like Season 15's Winner?

Well, Voice fans, it’s been a long and bumpy road. Over the course of Season 15, we’ve seen good singers cut too soon (SandyRedd, Kameron Marlowe, etc.) and mediocre ones cut too late (Tyke James, Reagan Strange, etc.). We’ve discovered just how far into his own mouth Adam Levine can stick his own foot, and watched Kennedy Holmes kick ass. And we’ve sat through so many of Carson Daly’s inane questions for the contestants that we’ve all but given up groaning like Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers when he asks ’em. But Monday night, at last the finish line came into view.

the-voice-recap-top-4-performances-kirk-jay-chevel-shepherdDuet With Coach
Chris Kroeze (Team Blake), “Two More Bottles of Wine” — Chris’ Grade: B+ | Hilariously, in the pretaped intro with Blake, even he had to push and push to get Chris to show some personality, some passion. And if ever he was gonna do it, this was gonna be the number that he’d do it on. Because the Emmylou Harris cover wasn’t just a golden opportunity for him to show off the spectacularly sandpapery quality of his voice, it was also as much fun as having two bottles behind you instead of ahead of you waiting to be drunk! Alas, while Blake taught a master class in commanding the stage without moving around a whole helluva lot, Chris, expressionless and static, faded into the woodwork like a terrific session musician. Solid vocal, dull performance.

Kirk Jay (Team Blake), “I Won’t Let Go” — Grade: D | All together now: Lighters in the air! For his last solo cover on the show, Kirk returned to the Rascal Flatts songbook that had served him so well. (You’ll recall that his rendition of RF’s “Bless the Broken Road” made him stand out as a frontrunner as far back as the Blind Auditions.) This time, though, Kirk struggled big time, hitting a clunker of a note early on and then going flatter than the proverbial pancake. In fact, for much of the song, I would’ve sworn he was singing off key. I’m a big Kirk fan generally, but this was sort of… what’s the word? Bad. (Maybe Kennedy had a shot at the win after all.) Afterwards, Blake called the performance brilliant, which only made me want to find out whether he knows what “brilliant” actually means.

the-voice-recap-top-4-performances-kirk-jay-chevel-shepherdOriginal Single
Chevel Shepherd (Team Kelly), “Broken Hearts” — Grade: B- | Clearly, Kelly is well aware that she’s struck gold with Chevel in the retro-country lane. Though the teen’s new song is by design new (duh), it sounded like it could’ve been released decades ago — and, for that matter, been a hit decades ago. And Chevel sang it with a disarming sweetness that made her voice sound on the bigger notes like honey left to warm in the sun before being drizzled over achy-breaky notes. Which only made it that much more of a bummer that on the smaller, lower notes, her struggles were once again audible. Love the song (and I’m sure I’ll love the studio-perfected single mix) but only liked the performance. It felt like it should’ve been a starmaking moment but was in reality more of a star… hinting moment, indicative of the vocalist that Chevel could become but wasn’t quite yet.

Kennedy Holmes (Team Jennifer), “Confident” — Grade: A | Ha! Since I can only venture a guess that Kennedy had to sing for the Save during last week’s Top 8 Results Show because her self-assuredness had somehow turned off viewers — why, people? Why?!? — the message embedded in her Demi Lovato cover was beyond perfect. “What’s wrong with being confident?” she sang with, yes, total confidence. She didn’t sound as pitch-perfect as she normally does, but she still sounded better than many of the mega-famous guests that pass through the show, looked like a million bucks, served enough attitude for three contestants, and totally reinforced my belief that she should be Season 15’s winner. The choreography alone — holy crap! And the life in her eyes every second she was up there! This kid deserves to have her name in lights — or, as JHud noted with mock envy — her name on stairs! A total star. No other contestant in the Finals could put on a show like that! Blown. Away.

So, last chance to predict the winner — and reveal who you wish would win. Vote in the polls below, then hit the comments.

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