The Strange World of Sound: What they didn’t teach in school [QUIZ]

There have always been men, women, and children troubled by the Big Questions. Who have asked “Where are we going?” or “Why is there something rather than nothing?” Our Universe is a strange one, and sound isn’t any different. After all, what is sound? It is a type of energy made only by the movement of air particles. We use our ears to ‘hear’ the Universe around us, but sound kind of has no objective reality. If there are no air particles to move about, then sound-making energy cannot exist.

Sound is something we take for granted. The awesome power of our brains to process tiny vibrations that bottle-neck in our ears is underappreciated. Most people don’t seem to realize just how interesting the science of sound actually is.

For example, sound was engineered into a weapon during the Second World War. Did you know that? When it gets too loud, sound transforms into a shockwave, causing huge amounts of damage. Sound can also influence us subconsciously, making us act and behave in weird ways; even if we can’t hear the sound itself. And even though sound cannot travel across space, scientists are building cosmic ‘ears’ to overcome this problem and start listening to the heavens.

If sound was taught like this in school, we may have paid attention.

Are you ready to test your knowledge and enter the strange world of sound? Then take this quiz, provided by London Soundproofing, and see how much you don’t know…

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