The Split: BBC drama series criticised for its ''absurd' inaccuracies – 'I'm not watching'

The Split has come under fire from lawyers, who claim the new BBC drama series is littered with legal mistakes.

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Despite the rivalry and sexual tension dished out in the second episode of Abi Morgan’s show, viewers could not see past the legal discrepancies.

One person tweeted: “I am not watching #TheSplit – Twitter has told me enough for me to know it would drive me too crazy.

“I shall stick to American lawyer dramas where I can a least pretend to myself absurdities down to jurisdictional differences.”

Another fumed: “This is getting crazier by the minute and sadly is not doing the family legal profession any favours.

“Firstly many family solicitors are in complex relationships or working with their ex partners and clients are rarely represented by solicitors that are related.”

A third asked: “What, pray tell, is a ‘prelim hearing’? And which of us this side of the pond has ever ‘cited’ undue influence? Five minutes in and I’m lobbing items at the tellybox.”

Meanwhile, one viewer sarcastically wrote: “Hang on, this gets better! So they’ve exchanged Form E and ten minutes later they’re having a chat about it in one of the client’s garden?

“Solicitor for the wife had represented husband but it’s OK because the retainer wasn’t signed. Blimey!”

Others complained that they could not keep up with the storyline, with one writing: “I haven’t a glue what’s going on in #TheSplit and this glossy series is certainly not like the lawyers I know.”

“Sorry I tried to get into #TheSPlit again this week and just can’t its not that good,” said another.

Leaving the legal criticism behind, writer Abi recently spoke about the need to create a drama series centred around a complex family.

“I really wanted to tell a story that had all the energy, warmth, vitality and complexity you find in families,” she told The Guardian.

“I think inherently people are scared of talking about it.

“You go out to dinner and speak to a couple who are divorcing, and you sympathise and gossip and then you go home and cling to each other and think, ‘Thank God that’s not us.’

“Yet everybody in a long-term relationship has at some point looked at their own marriage and relationship and wondered. What I hope The Split does is look at that grey area and say, what if?”

However, she did stress the importance of the legal aspect, saying: “The legal stuff is important but it’s really a drama about the personal choices and how our attitudes towards love and marriage and relationships change as we get older.”

She added: “The world of the court is very dark, very austere, trying to make that feel fresh without resorting to all the standard tropes is really hard.

“One of the most exciting things in making this a story about solicitors and not barristers is that you get to spend time in the office. I’ve loved offices ever since I wrote The Hour.”

The Split continues next Tuesday on BBC One at 9pm.

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