The Royal Family's most memorable overseas tours of the past 30 years

Caribbean, November 2016

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Prince Harry touched down in Antigua to kick off his two-week tour in the Caribbean. He attended a youth sports festival where local children turned up wearing t-shirts with his face on it.

Harry was dating beau Meghan Markle at the time. It was in Antigua where Prime Minster, Gaston Browne, famously invited the couple to honeymoon in a rather embarrassing speech.

After this, he stopped by the Nevis turtle conservation project, on Saint Kitts and Nevis’ Lover’s Beach, to give the lucky turtles a royal send-off back into the ocean.

The tour also included a meeting with pop star Rihanna in Barbados, to commend the island’s 50th anniversary of independence.

Bhutan, April 2016

A five-hour hike pilgrimage to through the Himalayas to Bhutan’s most sacred Buddhist spot characterised Prince William and Kate Middleton’s tour in Bhutan.

This visit came 28 years after his father, Prince Charles, visited in 1988. However, Charles only made it to the half-way point, the cafeteria, on the sacred hike.

Their tour included a trip to Thimpu, home to the royal Dechencholing Palace, which is the fourth highest national capital on the planet, some 2,248-metres above sea level.

Canada, June – July 2011

Shortly after Prince William and Kate tied the knot, they jetted off on a tour of Canada on their first official overseas visit as newlyweds. The nine-day tour called at many stops Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and the capital, Ottawa.

The tour, which coincided with the 144th Canada Day celebrations, saw the couple celebrate by wearing patriotic colours. Kate was commended for her white dress and red maple leaf hat.

The couple also helped with a tree planting ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, where the couple helped plant a tree next to the one planted by Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1983.

Africa, June 2010

Brothers William and Harry set off on their first joint official foreign tour to Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa in June 2010.

The six-day tour saw the two brothers spend time at Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Botswana, which is inhabited by a wide variety of indigenous African game, bird and reptiles and other rare species such as the southern white rhinoceros’. The visit to Botswana was on behalf of Tusk Trust, of which Prince William is Patron.

royal tour state visit queen kate middleton prince harryGetty Images

Royal tours: The most memorable state visits of the past 30 years remembered

royal tour state visit queen kate middleton prince harryGetty Images

Royal tours: Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Bhutan in 2016

New Zealand, June -July 2005

The royals are well known for their public support of sports. This tour was taken by Prince William, who was invited by the British and Irish Lions rugby team. William, who at the time was 22, watched the Lions take on New Zealand’s All Blacks in the second and third tests.

Whilst there, he also represented his grandmother at events to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, in Wellington and Auckland.

Italy, April 2009

Prince Charles and his second wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited Italy in 2009 to discuss, amongst other things, climate change at the Chamber of Deputies.

The two-day tour also included a meeting with the Pope who swapped an honorary medal and drawing of the St. Peter’s Basilica with paintings of plants for the Prince’s Highgrove Estate. Shortly after, the duo jetted off to Germany to continue official overseas visits.

royal tour state visit queen kate middleton prince harryGetty Images

Royal tours: The Queen visited the USA in 2007 caused a stir in the area

Virginia, May 2007

In her first official visit to the country since 1991, Queen Elizabeth II’s royal visit to Virginia caused quite the stir.

Her visit coincided with the 400th anniversary of the 1607 founding of Jamestown – the first permanent English settlement in what is now the USA.

To prepare for the visit, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine posted a full page of ‘royal etiquette advice’ on his state’s website. This included useful tips such as how to address the Queen, as well as the names of her five Corgi dogs.

India, February 1992

One of the most iconic photographs of any British royal ever was taken on this week-long tour. This trip is mostly remembered for Princess Diana’s visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

This is where Princess Diana was famously photographed sitting alone in front of the Taj Mahal, whilst Prince Charles was elsewhere, attending a business meeting in Bangalore.

Symbolic of their marriage on the rocks, now thousands travel to the Taj Mahal and recreate that photo. It’s so famous, the bench overlooking the ‘monument of love’ has now been renamed ‘Lady Di’s chair’.

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