The newspaper that published the ‘angry baby’ Serena Williams cartoon ran a hit piece saying she is ‘no feminist hero’ — here’s why they’re dead wrong

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  • Serena Williams is being attacked by an Australian newspaper.
  • The American tennis player received three code violations during her loss to Naomi Osaka in last weekend’s US Open women’s final.
  • These violations were criticized, perhaps fairly, by the Herald Sun newspaper.
  • But the paper has continued a mean-spirited crusade against Williams. It lampooned her in a vulgar cartoon, and a headline in a conservative columnist’s article claimed she “is no feminist hero.”
  • Here’s why they’re dead wrong.

Serena Williams is under attack.

A conservative columnist at the Herald Sun has accused her of going “nuclear” during last weekend’s US Open women’s final. The Herald Sun is the Australian newspaper that published a vulgar cartoon this week grossly exaggerating her weight, lips, and nose and depicting her as an angry baby. The paper has also attempted to discredit her character.

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