The Cry spoilers on BBC: Joanna and Alistair to have MURDERED baby Noah? Here’s the clues 

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers and suggested theories from episode one and two of The Cry. 

The Cry has captivated viewers since it first aired and tonight, the case of missing baby Noah will draw one step closer to the truth. 

But have the BBC teased potential spoilers in a video posted to their Twitter account? 

The clip sees a compilation of scenes from the drama and tweets containing suggested theories from fans. 

And it seems the blame is being pointed towards parents Joanna (Jenna Coleman) and Alistair (Ewen Leslie), for the murder of their baby. 

The short video was accompanied by a caption which read: “Two truths and a lie, in no particular order.

“1. Joanna doesn’t know where their baby is. 2. Chloe knows what’s happened to Noah. 3. Alistair knows who’s to blame for Noah’s disappearance.” 

The most plausible ‘truths’ are perhaps number one and three. 

One fan commented: “I think the husband has something to do with it #TheCry,” whilst another added: “Alistair looks like he had something to do with it, or are they both in it together? #TheCry.” 

Since his first appearance, Alistair has been acting extremely shifty. He has ignored his wife’s clear suffering and pleas for help, as well as his obsession to orchestrate the media whirlwind surrounding his disappearance. 

Alongside that, the ending of the second episode seemed to indicate some involvement. 

When sitting outside on a bench, Alistair commented: “The cops are smart, but we’re even smarter.” 

It was then followed by a short flashback to the scene when Joanna and Alistair visited the store on the side of the road.

The camera moved to the back of the car, where the baby’s car seat was empty. 

Technically, could baby Noah have never been kidnapped? And does this mean he was killed by his mother accidentally instead

‘Truth’ three teased by the Tweet, whereby Joanna is unaware of her baby’s location could also be likely. 

Joanne is in a fragile state of mind, and Alistair, the master manipulator could have just taken Noah and dealt with his death on his own. 

Alistair has repeatedly said to his wife he will “take care” of the situation. 

Could he have taken Noah to a different location, left him or even buried him? 

The Cry returns tonight at 9pm on BBC One. 

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