The Chase: Viewers demand Bradley Walsh show is SCRAPPED after ‘train wreck’ episode

The Chase usually airs weeknights at 5pm, but the popular quiz show has branched out to a family edition which airs on Sunday night. 

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Last night, ITV viewers tuned in to see four members of the Lawrence-Harish family go up against Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace. 

After securing a measly jackpot of £2,500 from only two family members, they were up against the final chase. 

But it seemed they didn’t really stand a chance of going home with the money after they only managed to answer five questions correctly

Therefore, Shaun didn’t have much of a challenge, and within a record-breaking 42 seconds, he had caught them. 

“You’ve been caught with one minute 18 seconds to go,” host Bradley Walsh remarked. “That’s never happened before!” 

“There’s a first time for everything,” the contestants tried to joke as Bradley added: “Yes there is, but we’ve got to wait a little bit for the news to come on.” 

Those watching at home were left severely unimpressed and took to Twitter calling for the spin-off to be axed. 

One said: “That was the most god awful train wreck on an episode ever witnessed #TheChase.” 

“Family Chase is a bit dull especially with this clueless family #TheChase,” someone stated.

A third wrote: “Don’t think this family format has legs #TheChase.” 

Sean also commented on the outcome: “I did myself a massive favour, especially knocking out Dawn, because they would have known a lot of questions.

“And I think they would have been in the high teens [in the final chase round] if all four had got through. But they didn’t.” 

Commenting on Shaun’s response, Bradley laughed: “He’s so grumpy isn’t he!” 

It comes after an episode which aired earlier last week when Bradley questioned the ability of the team members. 

After asking the first contestant the job they had and hobbies they liked to do, the host was baffled to find out the skills and ability of the next contestant. 

“What is it with this team?” Bradley jokingly remarked, but him being impressed by the hopefuls was short lived. 

After securing a whopping £44,000 total for the jackpot, it was time for all four contestants to face the Chaser. 

But they fell spectacularly short when they failed to answer or even pass the questions quickly enough. 

Both Bradley and Shaun commented on the slowness of the contestants and it was surprising when they got caught. 

The Chase airs weeknights at 5pm on ITV.

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