The Chase: Bradley Walsh left SHOCKED by Mark Labbett’s drastic decision

Bradley Walsh welcomed the Kane family to The Chase today who hoped to walk away with the jackpot prize after beating chaser Mark Labbett.

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Suzanne got the family off to a flying start earning £5,000 in the cash builder round and making it back to the table on the ITV quiz show.

Next up it was time for Little John to take on the Beast after stacking up an impressive £9,000, prompting Bradley to ask “Are you a quizzer?”

Before he could begin the next round, Mark offered Little John the choice of keeping his winnings or upgrading to £40,000.

Looking to his family for advice, all three of the contestants were confident of their family member’s ability and advised Little John to take the higher offer. 

Turning back to Bradley, he said: “There’s only one quiz heavyweight at this table, and it’s me,” to which Bradley asked: “Going for it?”

“That’s fighting talk,” joked Suzanne and Little John reasoned: “Nine’s a lot of money to risk, I need more than 40 to go for it.”

Sensing an opportunity, Bradley asked the contestant what amount would tempt him and Little John revealed that £50,000 would be his ideal amount.

Amazingly, the Beast was persuaded to change his original offer: “If you think you’re good enough to take me on, It’s a deal, £50,000.”

Shaking Little John’s hand, a shocked Bradley said: “Oh brilliant, wow.”

Unfortunately, Little John’s luck ran out and he was caught by the Beast so didn’t make it to the final.

But luckily Big John, who was the next contestant to face the Chaser, made it back to the table with £4,000.

The final contestant was tempted by the higher offer too but this time he managed to beat the Beast and earned an impressive £60,000. 

With £69,000 in the jackpot, the Kane family really hoped they could answer enough questions to get their hands on the money.

However it wasn’t meant to be and they walked away empty handed after failing to beat the Chaser.

Earlier this week, Bradley Walsh was forced to break up a clash between a contestant and Mark Labbett.

Shelley had taken back a respectable £5,000 to the table but when Bradley suggested that the final contestant needed to do his best to make sure Shelley wasn’t left on her, she hit back. 

He said: “Shelley will need some help in the final, that’s for sure, not saying that Shelley isn’t very good but one person beating the beast…”, to which Shelley remarked: “It’s been done.”

But when the Beast said: “Not often,” Shelley hit back and said: “It’s been done, I’ve seen it done, I saw the show where the lady took you on, on her own and won.”

Breaking up the heated exchanged, Bradley joked: “Gloves are off!”

The Chase continues tomorrow on ITV at 5pm.

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