The ABC Murders: Poirot star distracts viewers in BBC drama for VERY bizarre reason

The latest update on The ABC Murders sees a brand new cast and a BBC stylised take on the classic crime thriller by hugely-popular author Agatha Christie.

Hollywood superstar John, of Con Air fame, took on an ageing Hercule Poirot, and one who seemed to be suffering with his past and his demons after losing his celebrity status in the world of private investigating.

Despite this, the PI can’t ignore his latest call to solve a murder when he receives cryptic letters from a potential serial killer signed off only as “ABC”.

It’s quickly revealed exactly what this means as the serial killer delivers two very nasty killings in the form of Alice Asher and Betty Barnard.

But while from the very first sequence of the BBC drama viewers were hooked, they quickly became frustrated with American actor John’s accent.

Poirot is a Belgian detective who has always made jokes about the English believing he is a Frenchman.

In tonight’s first instalment of the latest adaptation, the canny investigator even made a quip about being a “Frog,” which is a term used in the time period.

However viewers struggled to concentrate, and didn’t shy from offloading their qualms on social media.

Taking to Twitter, one person cried: “WHAT IS THAT ACCENT. TheABCMurders.”

“John Malkovich is doing the same accent for Poirot as he did in Johnny English #TheABCMurders,” another complained.

A third shared: “John Malkovich as Poirot is already so strange… #TheABCMurders.”

“Wtf have they done to Poirot?? #TheABCMurders,” a fourth asked.

While a fifth said: “#theABCmurders Sorry. Cannae be doing with this. Don’t know if I can stand the complete change of plot and characters. Why does the BBC mess with the masterpieces that are Christie stories.”

Fans of the original book continued to air their grievances on the update, but plenty others were enjoying the drama.

“Oh lord, all the whiny people are going to moan about Malkovich’s accent. Can I remind you David Suchet sounded like a s**t waiter #TheABCMurders,” one person countered.

Another offered: “I enjoyed this Malkovich accent when he used it for Pascal Sauvage in Johnny English #TheABCMurders.”

“Poirot dyes his hair in the book and has a slight accent that he ramps up if needed,” a third insisted. “So, this is already truer to the book than the ITV version.

“If that matters to you. Take that, self-proclaimed purists. #TheABCMurders.”

“John Malkovich as #Poirot is the thing I most wanted to see this Christmas but just didn’t realise #TheABCMurders,” another new fan declared.

While one added: “Really enjoying this so far, on the edge of my seat the entire time #theabcmurders.”

The ABC Murders continues tomorrow at 9pm on BBC One.

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