At least 3 killed in Zimbabwe post-election violence

At least three people have been killed in the Zimbabwean capital Harare after violent clashes erupted over the outcome of the presidential and parliamentary vote held on Monday. As the tension between police and protesters ramped up on Wednesday, the authorities deployed the military to the streets, who used live rounds to quell the unrest. […]

Zimbabwe threaten boycott

Video Zimbabwe threaten boycott0:42 Cricket: Zimbabwean players are threatening to boycott their upcoming series with Australia after still being owed three-months pay. June 5th 2018 a minute ago /display/ news and galleries/Cricket news and galleries/ Cricket Zimbabwe threaten boycott0:42 June 5th 2018 5 minutes ago /display/ news and galleries/Cricket news and galleries/ ‘Did you know?’2:57 […]

Small-Scale Tobacco Farmers Are Giving Zimbabwe Reason to Dream

On his 5-hectare farm near Shamva, Oliver Namangwiya produces 4,300 kilograms of cured tobacco every year, earning at least $ 9,000 each season — 10 times the average annual income in Zimbabwe. He rotates crops, plants 1.5 hectares of maize every year and also sells that on the local market. Globally, small land holdings like […]

The behavior of Robert Mugabe’s wife ‘Gucci Grace’ inspired rage across Zimbabwe — but her downfall also led to rampant sexism

Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP Grace Mugabe was known for her corruption and extravagant spending in Zimbabwe, and was forced out along with her husband, Robert Mugabe, last month. The response though has drawn widespread sexism across Zimbabwean society. Zimbabwe’s record on women’s rights in general is mixed. During his 37 years as Zimbabwe’s prime minister and president, […]

Mugabe’s iron grip led Zimbabwe into poverty

WHEN Robert Mugabe came to power in 1980 it seemed like peace had finally come to Zimbabwe. But after a brief honeymoon period something went drastically wrong. Once courted by world leaders, Mugabe has since become an international pariah. His tenures as prime minister and later president have been marked by political division, repression, war, […]

Zimbabwe coup latest travel news update – Britons warned to 'stay INSIDE'

A Zimbabwe coup has removed President Robert Mugabe, 93, from power It is stated that he and his wife, Grace, are safe and under house arrest Zanu PF party are now in power and have taken over the national broadcaster, ZBC The country’s army have swarmed the capital Harare as soldiers block roads and government buildings. […]

Zimbabwe In Crisis

NAIROBI — After a week of political turmoil in Zimbabwe, and amid reports of unrest in the capital, the army appeared on state television to announce that it was not attempting a “military takeover” but was taking action to “target criminals” in the ruling party. “As soon as we have accomplished our mission, we expect […]

A Big-Game Hunter Was Crushed To Death By An Elephant In Zimbabwe

A famous South African big-game hunter has died after being crushed by an elephant that had been shot during a hunt in Zimbabwe. Theunis Botha, 51, was leading an afternoon hunt at Good Luck Farm, near Hwange National Park, Friday when the group stumbled upon a herd of elephants, according to South African media reports. […]

Top 10 facts about Zimbabwe

1. Before its independence, Zimbabwe was the British Colony of Southern Rhodesia.  2. The name of Zimbabwe comes from the ancient ruined city of Great Zimbabwe. It is unclear what the name meant – but it may have meant “large houses of stone” in the local dialect.  3. Alphabetically speaking, Zimbabwe comes last in the […]