YouTube Down: Google update on why YouTube is not working

Fans started seeing issues connecting to YouTube servers earlier tonight, around 2am in the UK. Since then, users have seen error messages appear instead of video content, confirming problems with the service. There’s been a steady stream of comments on social media sites tonight asking why YouTube is not working worldwide. And now a YouTube […]

YouTube users question sanity, reality as service goes dark worldwide

YouTube videos began returning errors around 9pm EST. The site infrastructure still loads, but the videos themselves do not play and are replaced by error messages imploring users to “please try again later.” The video-sharing website is seeing a massive service disruption across the northeastern United States, as well as parts of West and East […]

YouTube cracks down on ‘duplicative content’

Members of YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP), those creators who monetize their content on the platform, must adhere to new rules regarding “duplicative content.” According to a post on the company’s Help Forum, YouTube Partners, both new and established, who break the new duplicate content rules will face their channel’s removal. YouTube states that these changes […]

YouTube ads will help you find showtimes during movie trailers

You can’t officially escape YouTube ads unless you pay, but you’ll soon get to do a lot more with those ads. YouTube is “exploring” ad extensions that go beyond basic business info and forms. You can get local showtimes for a movie while you’re watching its trailer, for instance. Other extensions would let you download […]

YouTube Kids lets parents choose what their children watch

YouTube has added two new features to its Kids app, both of which give parents more control over what their children are watching. First, parents now have the option to limit what their kids watch to just what they approve. After parents select “approved content only” in their child’s profile, that child won’t be able […]

How consumers rank Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube on privacy, fake news, content relevance, safety, and sharing (FB, GOOGL, TWTTR, MSFT, SNAP)

  Digital trust is the confidence people have in a platform to protect their information and provide a safe environment for them to create and engage with content. Business Insider Intelligence surveyed over 1,300 global consumers to evaluate their perception of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Consumers’ Digital Trust rankings differ across security, […]

YouTube pulls Russian opposition ads ahead of elections

YouTube is no stranger to pulling videos based on their content, but now it also has to worry about when a video is available. The Google-owned service has removed ads from Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny following officials’ claims that the videos would violate a campaign silence law by remaining available ahead of regional governor […]

Vimeo drops its YouTube rivalry in favor of selling stock footage

For the longest time, Vimeo was one of YouTube’s most conspicuous alternatives. It was where you posted your indie production if you weren’t a fan of YouTube’s approach and it even created original material in a bid to stand out. The company has always lived in the shadow of its Google-owned rival, however, and now […]