A New Young Rebellion Is Brewing in China

Students from China’s top universities are flouting government restrictions to support workers detained for trying to organize a trade union, following the biggest mass arrest of workers since 2015. Workers at Shenzhen’s Jasic Technology were arrested last week for protesting against the engineering company’s decision to prevent them from forming a trade union. About 30 […]

Uber driver who struck, killed young girl is convicted of vehicular manslaughter

Enlarge / A woman walks into the Uber Corporate Headquarters building in San Francisco, California on February 05, 2018. (credit: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images) A now-former Uber driver who struck a San Francisco family with his car on December 31, 2013—killing a six-year-old girl named Sophia Liu in the process—was convicted of vehicular manslaughter on August […]

24 Revival, Plan B: Death Row Thriller Might Beat Out Young Jack Bauer

On the heels of the rather polarizing announcement that the next 24 revival might follow a young Jack Bauer, Fox execs have made clear that an altogether different storytelling option remains on the table. With now 18 months having passed since the previous reboot, 24: Legacy starring Corey Hawkins, made it to air, Fox is […]

2 young children and their great-grandmother died in a rapidly growing California wildfire, bringing the death toll to 5

Associated Press/Noah Bergman The death count from a rapidly growing Northern California wildfire rose to five Saturday. Two young children and their great-grandmother who had been unaccounted for were confirmed dead. They were among more than a dozen people reported missing after the furious wind-driven blaze took residents by surprise and leveled several neighborhoods. Two […]

‘Magical Warrior Diamond Heart’ Has Young Women Facing Evil & Stealing Kisses

Sailor Moon fans may find themselves hopelessly smitten with the diverse cast of magical girl otome/yuri visual novel Magical Warrior Diamond Heart, a game about a young lady gaining the power to overcome evil with some close (potentially VERY close) friends. Valerie Amaranth is living a regular seventeen-year-old’s life when she comes into contact with […]

Google Maps Street View: Young boy suffers embarrassing fate trying to outrun car

Google Maps Street View has shamed many people online who are caught in awkward scenarios. The Google car often captures passersby falling over or falling off something as it drives past. One young boy attempted to outrun the car in Cleveland, Ohio in the US. He quickly raced off on his bike as the car […]

Google Maps Street View: Embarrassing moment for young man in Brazil on a busy road

Google Maps Street View has captured a number of humiliating moments for people around the world. One young man found this out the hard way when using the road in Brazil. Spotted wearing jeans and a white top, he also had a red backpack and appeared to be of school age. He was caught tripping […]