Advocates urge more support for Yazidi refugees suffering seizures from PTSD

Yazidi refugees are suffering from high rates of a rare condition brought on by psychological trauma known as pseudoseizures, advocates and doctors say. Now, they want the government to do more to reunite them with their families and improve access to mental health supports.

Forgotten in hell: Half of abducted Iraqi Yazidi girls remain in ISIS captivity & sex slavery

15yo Nadi could barely speak when RT crew met her just a few hours after she was bought out after years of slavery for $ 2,500 – not the highest ransom by far, as ISIS terrorists fetch $ 10,000 on average for young Yazidi girls. Nadi is one of thousands of Yazidi girls, captured and […]

‘Survivors of Yazidi genocide & sex slavery denied justice in Iraqi trials over ISIS’

Published time: 29 Dec, 2017 03:44 The Yazidi minority who suffered a “genocide” in the war against IS in Iraq, with thousands of women and children still missing and survivors subjected to sex slavery, are not getting justice human rights organisations told RT. “This community has suffered so much throughout this genocide…,” co-founder of the […]

‘I ran for a day and a night’: Yazidi girls share blood-curdling stories of ISIS slavery

A woman who spent three years as an ISIS slave and a girl who was only five when taken are among the lucky few to have returned home, while hundreds of Yazidi girls remain in captivity. RT spoke to them about the ordeal. Samiyah was pregnant when Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants descended on […]