Man Utd players confronted by ANGRY passenger as police rush in after X-rated train rant

Manchester United secured their third win of the season on Saturday evening with a 2-1 victory over Watford at Vicarage Road. However, their evening was marred when they were confronted by a passenger on the platform of Watford Junction as they prepared to catch the train back to Manchester. The man – who was filming […]

Football club’s awkward X-rated mishap

ENGLISH football club Bristol Rovers have launched an investigation into how clubhouse televisions showed adult channel Babestation during halftime of Wednesday’s (AEST) Carabao Cup win against Crawley. Hundreds of Rovers supporters, many of whom were children, were shocked to see the X-rated station rather than the usual score updates from different games around the country. […]

Fifty Shades Freed: Dakota Johnson’s dad REFUSES to watch X-rated movies

The actor – perhaps understandably – won’t be catching up with the raunchy trilogy, which has heavy BDSM themes. Recalling a conversation he had with her, Don told “I said, ‘I wish you well, but this is one movie I won’t be seeing.’  “It was the right choice.” However, he did go on to […]

Antiques Road Trip turns X-rated as Charles Hanson goes POLE DANCING: ‘I’m in heaven!’

The auctioneer got distracted as he attempted to look for priceless items and instead made a beeline for a pole dancing class. And the television star certainly didn’t hold back and threw himself into the task – literally – despite the BBC cameras capturing everything. Many fans took to Twitter to comment on the unusual […]

The Last Post: Viewers shocked as Call The Midwife star STRIPS for X-RATED sex scene

The actress stars as adulterous army wife Alison Laithwaite who certainly had no qualms about stripping off for a steamy sex scene with Captain Nick Page (played by Joseph Kennedy). Jessica certainly seemed to be enjoying herself as she got hot and heavy with the army officer leaving viewers at home speechless.  Those tuning in […]

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield COLLAPSE over guest's X-RATED alien confession 

Chris Bench was taking part in the ITV show’s phone-in with viewers who claim to have seen UFOs throughout their lifetime.  However, towards the end of the segment, the cynical expert admitted that he would like to be visited by extra-terrestrial beings – but with one condition.  Phillip Schofield, 55, said to the guest: “If […]

Good Morning Britain STUNNED as competition winner makes X-RATED confession live on air

The presenter surprised viewer Joanne and her family first thing with a massive £5,000 cheque.  As hosts, Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway, cut back to check on the Grimsby winners, Andi, 47, asked them how they intended to spend the cash.  Joanne explained that she wanted to treat her friend who recently went through chemotherapy, […]

Dynasty: RAUNCHY official trailer of Netflix’s reboot features X-RATED scenes

The 1980s soap opera has been given a makeover and been brought into the modern era by the creator of The OC and Gossip Girl, Josh Schwartz. Still boasting as much glamour and backstabbing as the iconic series, the new extended video also teased many risqué relationships and more steamy scenes. Dynasty’s central plot is […]

Send nudes: Ransomware demands x-rated photos to unlock victim’s device

Published time: 24 Sep, 2017 15:31 In an entirely predictable development, victims of a new type of ransomware attack are being extorted for 10 nude pictures in order to unlock their computers. There have been several prominent ransomware outbreaks already this year. Perhaps the most high-profile attack was the WannaCry bug which hit more than […]

Kingsman 2 Golden Circle: How THAT X-rated sex scene was filmed – ‘It got intimate’

Taron Egerton and Poppy Delevingne feature in the startling moment, which sees Egerton’s Eggsy having to plant a tracking device in an intimate part of his co-star’s body. On screen, viewers see Eggsy’s hand run down her body – then go inside her. It’s been one of the biggest talking points of The Golden Circle, […]