Peter Donat, Who Played Mulder's Dad on The X-Files, Dead at 90

Veteran character actor Peter Donat, best known in recent years for playing Agent Mulder’s father on The X-Files, has died at the age of 90. Donat passed away on Monday at his California home of complications from diabetes, according to The New York Times. He made his X-Files debut as Bill Mulder in Season 2’s […]

X-Files: Fox Has 'No Plans' for a Season 12 Following Gillian Anderson Exit

Fox is shutting down The X-Files — for now at least. In a conference call with reporters early Monday, network co-chairman and CEO Gary Newman revealed that “there are no plans to do another season at the moment.” His remarks come two months after the conclusion of the show’s 11th season, which leading lady Gillian Anderson […]

The X-Files Truth Bomb: It's Time for Chris Carter to Take a Step Back

Remember last season on The X-Files, when Mulder took out his frustrations by destroying his iconic “I Want to Believe” poster? As a longtime X-Phile, what I’m about to argue feels like a betrayal of equal magnitude, but here goes: If Fox’s long-running sci-fi drama is to continue, it’s time for series creator Chris Carter […]

The X-Files Finale: Chris Carter Talks Scully's Secret, That Polarizing Twist and a Gillian Anderson-less Season 12

Warning: This post contains massive spoilers about The X-Files‘ Season 11 finale. Proceed accordingly. The X-Files taketh away… and The X-Files giveth. Wednesday’s Season 11 finale ended on a giant cliffhanger: Though the pandemic in Scully’s visions was averted, it came with a price — the apparent death of her son, William/Jackson, at Cigarette Smoking Man’s hand. […]

The X-Files season 12: Will there be another season of The X-Files?

Will there be another season of The X-Files? Show runners haven’t committed to a 12th season of the long running sci-fi series yet. Season 11 kicked off at the start of January and the last episode is airing tonight (March 21). The revival has seen David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their iconic roles as […]

The X-Files Recap: Beauty Before Age

Need to catch up? Check out the previous X-Files recap here.  This week’s X-Files — the last before the season (and probably series) finale — is simultaneously what I love and loathe about this show. Let’s start with the loathe. The episode felt a lot like it could’ve run in the original seasons… like in Season 9, […]

Quotes of the Week: Riverdale, X-Files, The Bachelor, Supernatural and More

Hollywood’s awards season might be over, but our weekly tradition of recognizing TV’s best dialogue is still going strong. This time around, our Quotes of the Week gallery includes a meta Saturday Night Live joke aimed at a veteran cast member, an impassioned game night speech from Grey’s Anatomy‘s April, a realization of biblical proportions […]

The X-Files Recap: Witch, Please

Need to catch up? Check out the previous X-Files recap. This week’s X-Files feels like a classic episode wrapped in a fresh exploration of the Mulder-Scully dynamic, and it’s one of the season’s best. At the very least, “Familiar” is a hell of a creepy X-File in which very bad things start to happen in a […]

The X-Files Recap: When Tech Attacks

Need to catch up? Check out the previous X-Files post mortem here.  If you watched this week’s X-Files and you’re reading this on a smart phone or tablet, I applaud your bravery. Because the overarching theme of the episode is that artificial intelligence — via smartphones/smartcars/smarthouses and the like — will probably kill us all in our […]

What would Mulder do? Writing an X-Files game in the age of fake news

GUEST: The X-Files: Deep State is a mobile game that blends casual mechanics with a thorough and engaging narrative in the style of the show. The players are invited to take on the role of a rookie FBI agent who, through a series of unfortunate events, crosses paths with a global conspiracy involving shadow governments, […]