Writing Journal for a Better and More Productive Self (The How-To Guide)

How many times have rampant thoughts distracted you from your work? How many times have ideas popped in and popped out before you had a chance to capture them? Or maybe clarity has gone missing in action and you would like to find it again? As a busy person, it is not uncommon for your […]

Is Writing Harder Than Directing? Hollywood Filmmakers Weigh In

Here’s a complicated question: is writing harder than directing? Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson thinks so, and inadvertently kicked off a bit of a firestorm when he expressed that sentiment on Twitter. A handful of other Hollywood filmmakers joined the conversation and began explaining reasons why one discipline is more difficult than the other, and […]

Molly Ringwald troubled by Breakfast Club ‘Much of John Hughes’ writing was INAPPROPRIATE’

Following coverage of the #MeToo movement’s response to Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood sexual harassment scandals, the 50-year-old actress has spoken out on her 1985 hit. Writing in The New Yorker, the former teen star has reevaluated The Breakfast Club, which was written and directed by John Hughes. The filmmaker, who died in 2009, helmed […]

How to make $400,000 a year writing about what you love — according to someone who’s doing it

Grant Sabatier Grant Sabatier of Millennial Money made $ 401,681 from his blogging side hustle last year. Sabatier says blogging is the perfect side gig and that you can make serious money from it. Advertising, consulting, brand partnerships and social media promotion are some of the ways he says you can bring in a significant […]

Moleskine’s latest smart pen saves your writing to download later

Moleskine has valiantly tried to bridge the divide between analog writing and digital files for years. The company released its Smart Writing Set in 2016 as a $ 200 holistic solution of pen, proprietary smart paper and app that instantly sent whatever you wrote or drew over to your paired device — which worked as […]

Paul Thomas Anderson Writing New Movie With His Daughter

Phantom Thread director Paul Thomas Anderson is already working on something new, and here’s a twist: he’s writing the script with his 8-year-old daughter. More on Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie below. Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread is nominated for six Academy Awards this year, but he’s not content to sit back and rest on his laurels. […]

What would Mulder do? Writing an X-Files game in the age of fake news

GUEST: The X-Files: Deep State is a mobile game that blends casual mechanics with a thorough and engaging narrative in the style of the show. The players are invited to take on the role of a rookie FBI agent who, through a series of unfortunate events, crosses paths with a global conspiracy involving shadow governments, […]

WIN two flights ANYWHERE with Easyjet by writing a poem on your SICK BAG: How to enter

Yes, you read that right. Easyjet has launched the first ever poetry competition that must be submitted on an in-flight sick bag. Inspired by a real message left by a lovely passenger on recent flight, the airline discovered that passengers have been penning loving rhymes and verses for other passengers to find.  The competition has […]