Hollywood actor David Arquette was hospitalised after having his face sliced open with a pizza cutter during a fake wrestling match

TMZ David Arquette was hospitalised after a staged but bloody wrestling match on Friday. The wrestling match was contested under “hardcore” rules, where combatants can use weapons. Arquette wrestled convicted bank robber Nick Gage, and they smashed light tubes over each other’s heads. But Arquette was cut open and reportedly had to go to hospital. […]

An ‘intoxicated’ JetBlue passenger was pepper-sprayed and arrested after allegedly attacking crew and wrestling with a police officer while trying to board a plane with his 8-year-old son (JBLU)

Brian Pascus/Business Insider via WFTV.com via Orange County Jail A Utah man was pepper-sprayed and arrested at Orlando International Airport on Sunday before boarding a JetBlue Airways flight. According to multiple reports, 45 year-old Brandon Strong of Layton, Utah allegedly confronted both an airline employee and an airport police officer.   In the official arrest affidavit […]

How Senegalese Wrestling Became a Modern Martial Arts Sensation

The crowd is buzzing as the unforgiving Dakar sun beats down and the stadium fills past capacity. The air is thick with tension — one fears to step on anyone’s toes. The drums pound louder in anticipation of the historic match that is about to begin. Two loin-clad wrestlers prepare in an expansive ring, their […]

Overwatch Brigitte update: Arm wrestling, donuts, daily routine – Blizzard reveals all

New Overwatch hero Brigitte has been fleshed out by Blizzard. The Overwatch developer recently announced plans to answer Brigitte story questions from fans. This includes whether Brigitte likes donuts, why she doesn’t like Overwatch and if she could beat Zarya in an arm wrestling map. According to the backstory, Brigitte was named by her Godfather Reinhardt. […]

WWE and NextVR partner to bring wrestling to your headset

Fancy ringside seats to the biggest matches in the WWE? They’re only a VR headset away. NextVR this week announced that it had formed a partnership with the wrestling brand to bring highlights from its biggest matches to its app later this year. As reported by Variety, six episodes are to be produced, running around 10 […]

Walk Like A Panther HILARIOUS trailer is the Full Monty meets pro wrestling – AMAZING

First it was grown men stripping, now prepare yorselves for grown men leaping around in gold pants and vests. Walk Like A Panther is the latest Brit comedy drama that will tickle your fancy and pluck at your heartstrings. The tale of a working men’s pub that it about to be closed unless a bunch […]

GLOW's Betty Gilpin Prepares For Wrestling Dramedy's Season 2: 'I Feel Like My Soul Was in a Five-Car Pileup'

The thing about being one of the leads in a 1980s-set dramedy about lady wrestlers is, your look is still stuck in the Reagan era even after the cameras stop rolling for the day. “I’m looking at my gel French manicure now, and that, combined with my spray tan, every public place I walk into, […]