Heathrow Christmas advert: Mr and Mrs Bair are back in heart wrenching montage

Mrs Doris and Mr Edward Bair were transformed into cuddly teddy bears for last year’s hugely popular and emotional campaign, so it makes sense that they would revisit them.  During the two-minute clip for Britain’s biggest airport, the poignant story follows the married couple from 1967 to the present day over the decades, as they […]

Wall Street already knows how to spin Trumpcare’s wrenching collapse — but it’s missing the point

“The Wolf of Wall Street”/Paramount Pictures Like most in people in sales, Wall Streeters make a living out of putting a positive spin on things. So, maybe it was to be expected that — after they touted Donald Trump’s healthcare plan as make-or-break for the new president — analysts would suddenly pivot to a new cheery […]