US revelers wound bystanders, themselves with New Year's celebratory gunfire

The time-honored, if illegal, tradition of firing guns into the air to celebrate the New Year led to a rash of injuries on the first day of 2019 as stray bullets lodged in innocent bystanders – and even the shooters themselves. A Cleveland, OH man shot himself in the leg trying to return his 9mm […]

Why a hard Brexit Irish border would reopen a ‘gaping wound’ and wreck the Irish peace process

Charles McQuillan / Getty Re-introducing a hard border in Ireland after Brexit would be like re-opening a “gaping wound,” a leading expert has warned. Prominent Northern Ireland academic Katy Hayward said a harder border with technology could destabilise Ireland’s highly sensitive peace process. Her warnings echo those from senior police chiefs who say that border […]

Cold sore before and after: Woman cures ‘open wound’ herpes virus with £8 liquorice balm

Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus, and can reappear once you become infected, according to the NHS. More than 30 million people in the UK are infected with the virus, which can be caught by a single kiss. Patients can experience flare ups of the condition, which may be caused by hormone […]

The Trailer for ‘The Wound’ Suggests a Gripping Meditation on Sexuality, Masculinity, and Tradition

When the South African film The Wound screened at Sundance, Variety critic Guy Lodge noted its “sensitiv[ity] to the hard taboo that homosexuality remains in black South African culture,” saying that its “sexually frank depiction of [it] marks it as something of a milestone in the country’s cinema,” and the Hollywood Reporter review by Sheri Linden called it “a troubling portrait of the […]

‘American Gods’ showrunners tell the tale of how attempting to save $500,000 wound up costing $2 million instead

Starz “Showrunners” is a new podcast from INSIDER, a series where we interview the people responsible for bringing TV shows to life. The following is a highlight from our interview with Bryan Fuller and Michael Green – the showrunners of Starz’s “American Gods.” Subscribe to “Showrunners” on iTunes here! Starz’s new drama series “American Gods” (based […]