‘Wormwood’ Review: Errol Morris’ Netflix Project Hauntingly Blends Fact and Fiction

With Wormwood, documentary filmmaker Errol Morris creates his boldest, most thought provoking film yet. A delirious, haunting blend of talking-head documentary and narrative reenactment; a true crime saga that doubles as a government conspiracy polemic. A saga wrought with mystery, grief, scandal, and puzzlement. There’s never really been anything quite like this. Dramatic reenactments of real-life moments […]

‘Wormwood’ Trailer: Errol Morris Uncovers a CIA Conspiracy

Sooner or later, Netflix gets everyone. Renowned documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is bringing his unmatched talents to the streaming platform with Wormwood, a genre-blending mix of documentary and narrative drama. Wormwood examines the can’t-believe-it’s-true story of one man’s search to discover what caused his father’s death. Was it suicide, or did a more nefarious conspiracy involving the CIA […]

Errol Morris on Creating the “Everything Bagel” of His New Netflix Series ‘Wormwood’

“Even before I had picked this subject, how it was initially sold to Netflix was as ‘the everything bagel’,” Errol Morris explained. It was late on a Friday night, and he was speaking in front of a DOC NYC crowd that had just – for lack of a less roadworn word – binged the entirety […]