The World's Best Premiere: Grade CBS' New Talent Competition Series

Between the low-scoring game and the lackluster halftime show (Maroon 5 & Co. earned an average grade of “D+” from TVLine readers), there wasn’t a whole lot of talent on display during Sunday’s Super Bowl. After the game, however… CBS awarded the highly coveted post-Bowl slot to the premiere of The World’s Best, a James […]

Why the US Is the World's No. 1 Hot Spot

Projecting the outlook for a year ahead is always difficult and should be approached with a degree of humility by all who try — particularly in these times. The think tanks and experts who do this usually run through the world’s hot spots — places that are particularly volatile and unpredictable. The problem is that, […]

These Extreme Museums Honor the World's Most Dangerous Jobs

In this original series, Extreme Museums, join OZY for a look at some of the world’s weirdest and wildest exhibitions. Read more. Museums, at their heart, are established to educate about important subjects that have had an impact on our world (or sometimes less so). And what greater impact can people have than saving lives […]

India inaugurates world's tallest statue, but some locals call it ‘celebration of death’

India has drawn awe from every corner of the world as it unveiled its Statue of Unity, a monumental 182 meter-high effigy which costs an eye-watering $ 400 million. The monument has become the world’s tallest statue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday morning inaugurated the statue, located in India’s western state of Gujarat, and […]

The Inventor Trying to Suck Water From the World's Driest Air

“You asked for it,” Ap Verheggen says in a low, scratchy voice when I ask about the painting on the wall behind him. He proceeds with a Skype tour of his apartment, which is filled with his surrealist sculptures and a coffee table with metal legs modeled after his wife’s face. Today, the 54-year-old Dutch […]

How the World's Most Murderous Country Halved Its Killings in Five Years

In 2012, Honduras didn’t just have the worst homicide rate in the world — it was also witnessing murders more than twice as frequently as the nation with the next worst record, Belize. More than 90 Hondurans out of every 100,000 were murdered that year, compared to 43 in Belize and 42 in El Salvador, […]

This Dam Could Cause the World's Worst Natural Disaster and Impact 5 Million

In its very first moments of existence, the Usoi dam claimed the lives of an entire village. It was formed during a 1911 earthquake that saw the Usoi settlement buried by a massive landslide that blocked the Murghab River and formed Tajikistan’s Lake Sarez. At roughly 1,860 feet, the Usoi dam is the world’s highest […]

The World's Breastfeeding Champ?

Peace Umutoni has four children and works full time as an administrative officer. When her youngest was born seven months ago, Umutoni was able to stay home and breastfeed him, thanks to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave stipulated by Rwandan law. Now back at work, she’s taking advantage of the two 30-minute breaks provided […]

World's Biggest Corporate Tax Haven? It's No Paradise Island

For countries in the tax haven game, it’s a race to the bottom. Singapore’s welcome mat? Corporate taxes at just 17 percent. Gibraltar scrawls 10 percent on its rock, and the Cayman Islands boast 0 percent (even though everyone knows the tab on Cayman-registered profits ends up at 13 percent). But nobody outsells Ireland and […]