Withings undercuts Apple Watch, debuts $129 ECG monitoring smartwatch

Enlarge (credit: Withings) Withings has had a tumultuous couple of years. The company was bought by Nokia only to be re-acquired by its original owner Éric Carreel last May. While it sells smart scales, thermometers, and other health electronics, the French company has an uphill battle ahead of it in the wearable space thanks to an […]

Withings Steel HR Sport review: A slick watch and tracker, but not for serious fitness junkies

REVIEW: Wearables company Withings returned from the grave last month with its first new product since Nokia ditched the brand it had acquired in a $ 192 million deal back in 2016. It’s been a whirlwind year for Withings, with cofounder Éric Carreel entering the fray to buy his company back from Nokia in May. Fast-forward to September, when […]

Withings unveils $200 Steel HR Sport smartwatch, its first device since founder reacquired company from Nokia

Withings today completes its tantalizing return from the tech scrapheap with the launch of its first new product as an independent company. The French firm, which was founded by Éric Carreel and Cedric Hutchings in 2008, was bought by Nokia in 2016 for $ 192 million. Nokia later ditched the Withings brand in favor of Nokia […]

Nokia launches new digital health products as Withings name fades

Nokia is ready to be a consumer brand again. Of course, to many, it never stopped. Even as its phone business changed hands to Microsoft and then to HMD Global, the Nokia brand never really died. So much so that HMD Global’s latest line of phones still bear the Nokia name, despite having nothing to […]

The sleek, classy Withings Activite Steel smartwatch is now 30 percent off

Activity trackers have become hot items in recent years, and many fitness enthusiasts might wonder how they ever got along without the handy wearables. More advanced models have gone beyond just tracking your workouts, however, and can even monitor your vitals throughout the day and night for a fuller picture of your overall health. Although boxy […]

Withings Steel HR review: Classy on the outside, inconsistent on the inside

Video shot/edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link) Fossil Group may call most of its wearables “hybrid” smartwatches, but it doesn’t own that term. A number of companies design devices that look like traditional watches but have the internals of a mid- to high-end activity tracker. Withings has done this with its new $ 199 Steel HR, the […]