‘There’s not a day that we go into work feeling safe’: Video shows violent attack on Winnipeg hospital staff

A shocking video shows an attack on staff at a Winnipeg hospital, but workers tell CBC it’s all too common — and they need more support for security, on-site police and even metal detectors to protect against rising violence blamed on the meth crisis.

Winnipeg once wrangled the Stampede out of Calgary

There was a time "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" saddled up in Winnipeg after Calgary turned its back on the western festival now known as the Stampede. The annual event that is now synonymous with Calgary — it kicked off its 95th consecutive year in that city this weekend — had its brief flirtation with Winnipeg in 1913. […]

Jets don't miss a beat to give Winnipeg well-deserved win

They faced the Game 7 music, in of all places Music City, and came away singing a sweet melody of success. Sure the Winnipeg Jets and their loud and loyal supporters felt that they had a chance to steal the final game of this wonderful second-round series against the Presidents' Trophy-winning Nashville Predators on Thursday. […]

Winnipeg Jets targeting playoffs after strong start

While the latest Connor McDavid versus Auston Matthews meeting flittered in Toronto on Sunday because of Matthews’s upper-body injury, the hockey world should not ignore how well young star Patrick Laine and the Winnipeg Jets have performed in the opening third of the 2017-18 season. Yes, that fishing expedition a few Jets took part in British Columbia […]