Alphabet is re-working its Wing delivery drones to be less noisy

Before Alphabet’s Wing drones can start dropping off deliveries all over the globe, the company has to remedy one of the biggest complaints about it first. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the drones are extremely noisy — someone who lives directly under the drones’ path in rural Australia where they’re current being tested […]

Flights: Jet2 plane makes ‘petrifying full speed’ emergency landing as wing flaps BREAK

A Jet2 flight was forced to execute a “full speed” emergency landing at Manchester Airport after the wing flaps – which serve to slow the plane down – broke before landing. The flight from Crete was due to land at Leeds Bradford Airport but began circling at around midnight on Friday after a delayed take-off […]

UK building £700k prison wing in Nigeria to return criminals to their country

The UK is to build a new wing at Kiri Kiri prison in Nigeria in a bid to relieve the packed detention systems at home and in the African country. The new 112-bed wing will cost the UK £700,000 ($ 972,000). According to a statement released by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on Wednesday, the new […]

KFC is selling a chicken wing box that doubles as a drone

Oh, KFC. For every bizarre stunt you pull off, like chicken-flavored nail polish or a nightmarish VR work training experience, you tease us with useful combo meal tchotchkes like a phone-charging takeout box. Unfortunately, ‘tease’ is the word, since the company’s flashy giveaways typically happen outside the US, like when its Canadian stores briefly sold […]

Ubisoft’s new AI wing melds gaming and scientific research

Game developers were researching AI well before it became a tech industry trend, but they haven’t had much incentive to share their work with the academic world. It’s a competitive advantage, after all. Ubisoft, however, is trying to find a happy middle ground. It recently established an AI research wing, La Forge, that aims to […]

Omarosa Manigault reportedly told Congressional Black Caucus members they couldn’t ‘demand f—— privacy’ in the West Wing after a meeting

Drew Angerer/Getty Images President Donald Trump’s former adviser and close confidant, Omarosa Manigault Newman, sparked several workplace controversies before her dramatic departure from the White House this week. In one instance, Newman reportedly lashed out at prominent members of the Congressional Black Caucus following a March meeting, when they requested privacy in the West Wing […]

The New Poster Boy for India's Right Wing

Anurag Thakur speaks purposefully to you one instant, then types out a text message the next, juggling multiple conversations with astonishing skill. The 43-year-old former cricketer is no stranger to multitasking. He has served as an Indian parliamentarian for a decade, while at times also governing cricket, a sport whose icons are worshipped in India […]