Emmerdale spoilers: Graham Foster declares Joe Tate's death to Laurel whilst drunk?

Emmerdale viewers are still left in the dark about what really happened to Joe (played by Ned Porteous) last autumn.  However, one thing for certain is Graham (Andrew Scarborough) had some involvement with his disappearance.  And it seems, he is very close to revealing exactly what happened to Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy).  It comes after Kim […]

Easter travel advice: Holidaymakers warned to not carry cash whilst aboard

Holidaymakers are being warned to steer clear from carrying cash with them on their Easter holiday this year and opt for a travel spending card instead. According to Consumer Intelligence (CI), British travellers are risking overspending during the Easter break by taking cash instead of using cards. The latest research revealed nearly two out of […]

WATCH: Paraglider narrowly misses entire TOWN whilst falling from the sky

A viral video has shown a man paragliding in the air above a beach town. However, he quickly descends and is suddenly faced with a huge forest of trees. To avoid this he sharply steers to the right, quickly dropping and having to fly between the houses of the town. What happens next is a […]

Google Maps: Young boy caught in this embarrassing situation whilst leaving school

Google Maps has unearthed some of the most baffling things around the world, such as UFO sightings and alien lifeforms. It can also reveal some very embarrassing moments for the people caught on camera. One child was caught leaving his school in Russia when he was captured by the Google Maps Street View camera. What […]

Kate Middleton once did THIS shocking thing whilst on her first solo trip abroad

Kate Middleton often travels by royal jet whilst heading abroad on a state visit. She will normally join her husband Prince William, as well as bringing along her two children Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2. Despite the usual royal rules not allowing two heirs to the throne to travel together, they have been […]

Rob Lowe claims he spoke to a GHOST whilst filming new paranormal documentary 

Throughout the show, Rob is joined by his sons, Matthew and John Owen, to explore urban myths and the paranormal across America.  The 52-year-old told reporters at the launch of his programme that he had contacted what he believes were real spirits.  Rob explained that he hadn’t spoken to ghosts previously, but learned how to […]

Melania Trump flaunts envious figure in feminine floral dress whilst heading to Ohio

Melania showed off her toned arms in the sleeveless floral dress. The knee length hem flared out at the top of her legs, giving the dress more movement. Her floral laser cut design was emphasised by the bright pink and yellow detailing on it. The high neck kept the dress looking elegant. She accessorised the look with […]

WATCH: Dangerous cyclist attempts to do THIS whilst riding…with disastrous results

Cyclists regularly get a bad rap for being dangerous on the roads. From running red lights to ploughing into the back of cars, they are rarely respected by many road users. Yet one man lived up to the reputation whilst riding his bike on the main road. He certainly won’t be trying it again. The […]

FLIGHT SECRETS: Flight attendants reveal the most embarrassing stories whilst flying

There’s nothing worse than something embarrassing happening when in public. However, it is made even worse when flying 45,000 feet in the air with no chance of escape. International Currency Exchange (ICE) found some of the best and most cringe-worthy stories from staff onboard. With flight attendants revealing some of the best-kept secrets and embarrassing […]