Devader Is A Hectic Dual Stick Hybrid Across A Weird Alien Landscape

In Devader, you are the lone warrior against an incredibly alien threat, swarms of enemies that slither and shoot from all angles and in myriad shapes, in this upcoming frenetic dual stick shooter. The Krin is coming, an alien enemy that threatens your ancient civilization with obliteration. Rather than geometric shapes or other forms, the […]

Jordan Peele’s YouTube Series ‘Weird City’ is a Shared Universe Anthology [TCA 2018]

After the success of his Oscar-winning film Get Out, Jordan Peele has gotten some TV deals. He is creating a reboot of The Twilight Zone for CBS All Access, but creating another anthology series for YouTube Premium. Both promise to tell surreal, bizarre, twisty stories, but the Weird City stories will be more connected than standalone […]

First Invader Zim movie footage revealed, looks gloriously weird

Nickelodeon After vague teasers and announcements, Nickelodeon and Jhonen Vasquez have finally taken the wraps off the first Invader Zim made-for-TV movie, which is still currently in production. The demented brains behind the series appeared at this week’s San Diego Comic Con with a new trailer in hand, which also confirms the film’s full title: Invader […]

The Really Weird Link Between College and Brain Cancer

There are some things that we can all agree on. Exercise makes you healthier! School makes you smarter! Yeah … except that it might also result in early death. Consider ditching the old dog-ate-my-homework line in favor of this: “Sorry, teacher. Research shows that learning may be bad for my health.” Bad, as in fatal. […]

A years-old, one-letter typo led to Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ weird AI

Enlarge / Want Aliens: Colonial Marines to better resemble this ‘shopped image? Just remove one letter! (credit: Gearbox / Sega) History may never be kind to Aliens: Colonial Marines, but the present tense isn’t looking so good for the lawsuit– and complaint-ridden Gearbox game, either. This week brought to our attention one of the weirdest […]

Jordan Peele’s “Twisted-Ass Science Fiction” Anthology ‘Weird City’ Coming to YouTube Premium

Jordan Peele shocked the world with his directorial debut Get Out early last year, and he’s been remarkably busy ever since. His list of active projects has grown to an impressive length, and now he’s adding yet another one to the top of the pile: a show called Weird City, which he calls a “twisted-ass science […]

A YouTuber combined an EDM mix from Goldman Sachs’ future CEO with a video by hedge fund legend Ray Dalio — and it’s as weird as it sounds

YouTiube A YouTuber has combined the music of Goldman Sachs President David Solomon with a motivational video from Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio. Solomon creates music under the name DJ D-Sol, and has over 425,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Check out the video below. Wall Street’s song of the summer is almost certainly going to […]

Google Maps Street View: What is wrong with this woman? Blonde looks weird in short dress

Google Maps Street View captures footage from all around the world, including the weird and wonderful. In the footage, a blonde woman walks past the Chichen Itza ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico. From the knees up, the woman looks like just another tourist. She is wearing a short white dress which exposes her legs and […]

Willkommen bei Weird Phil!

Hallo, mein Name ist Phil und ich arbeite hier. Sehr zum Leid meiner Kollegen (zumindest sagen sie das immer). Hauptsächlich, weil ich ich ihnen ständig krassen Scheiß aus dem Internet schicke. Da hier im Büro aber gerade alle schon im Feierabend sind, musst heute mal du dafür herhalten. 🙃 BuzzFeed (Sorry, Kollegen, dass ich euch […]