Canada first? Marc Kennedy thinks we're exporting too much curling knowledge

THUNDER BAY, ONT. — Marc Kennedy is back in the place he refers to as "home" — a curling rink. And yet he's never felt as far away from the pebbled sheets as he does right now, sitting on some scaffolding inside the Tournament Centre holding an iPad.  This week in Thunder Bay, Kennedy is […]

Ford defends plan to shareholders: ‘We're simply reinventing the American car’

Ford’s top executives took heat from shareholders over their plan to do away with sedans as we know them in Ford’s North American lineup, as the company held its annual meeting Thursday. Critics said the plan to shelve the Fiesta, Focus and Taurus, reduce the Focus to one crossover model, and concentrate on high-margin trucks […]

So We're Back To Emails 📩

A lawyer for the Trump transition team on Saturday accused a federal agency of illegally and unconstitutionally turning over thousands of emails to the Special Counsel’s Office. Specifically, the General Services Administration (GSA) turned over emails written during the transition — the period between Election Day 2016 and Inauguration Day 2017 — and the Trump […]

2018 Range Rover Velar Drivers' Notes | Don't worry, we're in no hurry

Few vehicles on the road provide as much versatility as a Range Rover. Products from the British automaker provide luxury, fantastic styling and unparalleled off-road capabilities for a vehicle in this class. Though each model tends to stay on the market longer than some competition — the first-gen model was on sale from 1970 until […]

BBC weather: Carol Kirkwood’s forecast POSTPONED because of THIS – ‘We're waiting for you'

Viewers were left waiting for the 55-year-old to deliver the morning forecast but BBC Breakfast was hit with a techincal glitch.  Those watching at home were shocked to hear presenters Louise Minchin and Dan Walker announce Carol’s segment would be postponed due to problem with the graphics.  One person wrote on Twitter: “Shock. Horror. Switched […]

We're Already Lead

People have been getting poisoned by lead in the air for at least two millennia, according to a new study analyzing an ice core extracted from a glacier in the Swiss Alps. Only the Black Death, the most devastating plague in human history, briefly returned atmospheric lead to its natural level of undetectability in the […]

Lions star Connor Murray warns New Zealand: We're even better now than Australia Test win

The long-awaited series finally kicks off in New Zealand’s Holy of Holies with the Lions, roared on by 25,000 travelling fans, believing they can shock the sporting world. “We’ve all played at Eden Park and we know how tough it is to win here. It is a really impressive record but if there ever was […]

We're Ignoring Women Astronauts' Health At Our Peril

Image: Peggy Whitson/NASA Johnson via Flickr WASHINGTON, D.C.—It’s 7pm, and the Lisner Auditorium at George Washington University, which was packed with investors, aerospace tycoons, and scientists just hours ago, has dwindled to a dedicated few. It’s a very different crowd than the folks who came earlier in the day to watch Buzz Aldrin and other […]

White Princess EP Defends Changing Book's Rape Scene in Premiere: 'No Way We're Putting That on Screen'

Those who read Phillippa Gregory’s novel The White Princess and watched the premiere of Starz’s adaptation of the book on Sunday likely noticed something quite different about Henry and Lizzie’s charged first coupling. In Gregory’s work, “Henry very actively rapes Lizzie,” executive producer Emma Frost tells TVLine. “That was something that I felt wasn’t the […]