Seagulls & window warnings: 4 ways Putin-Trump summit will affect Finns

Residents of Helsinki are experiencing some mundane and bizarre happenings in their city ahead of the blockbuster meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump. From missing seagulls to increased security, here we look at some of the ways people in the Finnish capital have seen and will see their lives […]

10 ways to get a flat summer stomach

FREE Meave Madden gives her greatest summer body tips Being bloated can ruin your confidence and leave you feeling uncomfortable Maeve Madden “Being bloated can ruin your confidence and leave you feeling uncomfortable,” says nutritionist and personal trainer Maeve Madden. “Sometimes bloating can come on within hours or even minutes and the break in our […]

How to get rid of a headache: Five natural ways to soothe the pain

Headaches are something many people deal with on a daily basis. There are a several types including, the most common, a tension headache. This affects both sides of the head and can also cause tightened neck muscles. Others consist of a migraine, which is usually felt as a severe throbbing in the front or side […]

19 Ways to Use Creative Thinking in the Workplace to Up Your Credibility

Our world is changing at faster pace than ever. In order to keep up, we are continually adapting to new technology and the changing industries. Employers are looking for employees who can solve problems, think creatively and be a leader in every situation. These 19 tips will help you find ways to develop creative thinking […]