Jack Dorsey says a Twitter edit function has to be done ‘the right way’

While speaking at the Indian Institute of Technology, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was asked a question that comes up all the time — will Twitter ever roll out an edit feature? Dorsey has acknowledged the possibility of such a function in the past, and like before, his recent comments on the topic noted that while […]

A petition to change the street name where the Saudi Embassy in Washington is located to ‘Jamal Khashoggi Way’ already has a heap of signatures

Reuters A petition to rename the street in front of the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC, to “Jamal Khashoggi Way” is quickly drawing support. Jamal Khashoggi is the Saudi columnist who was killed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, October 2. The authors of the petition say they want to send a message that […]

Flu warning: The ‘only way’ to protect against the deadly flu virus – Dr Chris reveals

Flu is a common infectious virus that usually strikes during the winter months. Flu symptoms include a sudden fever, aching body and a headache, said the NHS. The virus can be very dangerous, and it’s crucial to avoid becoming infected with flu – it can be deadly. But, there’s only one way to truly protect […]

Harley-Davidson bicycle is from the early 20th century – or at least it looks that way.

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‘There’s no way’ Stephen Curry plays in the first round of the playoffs after serious knee injury

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Warriors head coach Steve Kerr on Sunday made clear that Stephen Curry will miss the first round of the NBA playoffs. Curry suffered an MCL sprain on Friday against the Atlanta Hawks after JaVale McGee came down hard on Curry’s left knee. It won’t be the first time this Warriors team will have had to fight through […]

Bill Gates says cryptocurrencies have “caused deaths in a fairly direct way”

Enlarge / Bill Gates answering questions on Reddit in 2013. (credit: Bill Gates) Microsoft and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation progenitor Bill Gates is not a fan of cryptocurrencies. In a Reddit AMA yesterday, he posited that crypto subverts governments’ abilities to intercept terrorist funding, illegal drug transactions, and more. Redditor Askur1337 asked Gates, “Whats […]

‘I got in Microsoft’s way’: Recycler sentenced over free Windows recovery CDs tells RT

Recycling advocate Eric Lundgren, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for making free Windows recovery discs, told RT that he will use his appeal to continue fighting against planned obsolescence by Microsoft and others. “I was very, very shocked when I was given a prison sentence for extending the lifecycle of electronics, practicing […]

Dawn French causes total meltdown on The One Show as her REAL age is revealed ‘No way!’

The beloved comedienne is set to celebrate her 60th birthday this week, and ahead of her big day, viewers couldn’t believe their eyes as Matt Baker revealed her age.  “On Wednesday I am 60,” she said. “How did that happen? In the blink of an eye.” She continued: “I’m not a big one for parties, […]

Trump says he ‘cleared the way’ for tax reform, but there’s still one huge roadblock

Mark Wilson/Getty Images In rationalizing his break with the Republican Party by making a budget-debt ceiling-Hurricane Harvey aid deal with Democratic leadership, President Trump has said that he was trying to “clear the way” for tax reform. Well, he forgot a roadblock. Earlier this week the House Freedom Caucus released its own tax plan. Axios’ […]