Book Excerpt: The Secrets and Lies of the Coen Brothers’ ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’

One of the pleasures of the big, handsome, mid-to-late career monographs that Abrams Books has made a specialty (they also released Matt Zoller Seitz’s books on Wes Anderson and Oliver Stone, and Tom Shone’s volumes on Martin Scorsese and, this fall, Quentin Tarantino) is that they allow us to appreciate the “minor” entries of those […]

A business coach with an online empire says there was a clear sign every job she tried wasn’t meant to be her career

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Marie Forleo is a business and life coach; more than 40,000 members pay for her “B-School” class. Before becoming a life coach, Forleo worked on the New York Stock Exchange, was a bartender, dance class instructor, and had a brief stint in ad sales. Forleo realized being her own boss made her […]

The road to bipedalism wasn’t straight and narrow

Enlarge / The 3.32 million-year-old foot from an Australopithecus afarensis toddler from different angles on the left, next to the fossil remains of an adult Australopithecus foot on the right. Credit: Jeremy DeSilva & Cody Prang (credit: Jeremy DeSilva and Cody Prang) Early hominins’ four smaller toes had adapted to bipedal walking by around 4.4 […]

‘It’s clear Boris Johnson wasn’t telling the truth’ over Skripal poisoning, MP tells RT (VIDEO)

Labour MP Chris Williamson says Boris Johnson has damaged the UK’s reputation, after he blamed Russia unequivocally for making the poison used to attack the Skripals. Military scientists said they could not support the claims. Following a string of tweets in which Williamson called out the foreign secretary for trying to dive head first into […]