'US has become unreliable’: Austrian chancellor questions Washington’s commitment to EU

The US, under Donald Trump’s administration, is becoming increasingly unpredictable and “unreliable” to its European partners, the Austrian chancellor noted, joining a chorus of EU members urging for more unity and self-reliance. “The US has become more and more unreliable for us,” Sebastian Kurz told the Financial Times. “The most important thing is that Europe […]

Kim remains skeptical about Washington’s security pledge upon de-nuclearization – Moon

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un finds it hard to trust US President Donald Trump’s assertions that the US would not seek to undermine his rule after Pyongyang gets rid of all its nukes, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said. Moon was speaking in the wake of the surprise talks he held with the North’s leader […]

Tillerson pits Beijing’s ‘predatory’ Africa expansion against Washington’s ‘responsible’ support

China’s rapidly growing influence on the African continent is worrying the US Secretary of State. He claims that its investments are detrimental, unlike Washington’s “responsible” promotion of the “rule of law.” The Chinese approach to relations with the African countries “encourages dependency” through the use of “opaque contracts, predatory loan practices, and corrupt deals that […]

Washington’s economic war against Russian gas supplies to Europe unacceptable – Gerhard Schroeder

Published time: 20 Oct, 2017 14:13 The United States would like to weaken Russia’s energy cooperation with the European Union, said former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, adding it’s unacceptable to create barriers to Russian gas deliveries to the German market. Read more “It’s wrong if the Americans and the European Union somehow resist each other […]

Dictatorship? Washington’s Mid East allies are the ones that 'never saw a ballot box' – Iranian FM

Donald Trump believes Iran is a dictatorship, even though Washington’s allies in the region “haven’t seen a ballot box in their countries,” Iran’s foreign minister said, adding that Tehran derives its legitimacy and mandate from the people. “Maybe President Trump likes to think of Iran as a dictatorship, but it is interesting that all of […]

Washington’s ‘unilateralism’ in Syria undermines UN – head of Iraqi WMD probe to RT

Washington should have waited for the findings of an impartial probe and international authorization before unilaterally striking Syria on the pretext of chemical weapons use, according to Hans Blix who led the UN commission searching for Iraqi WMDs in 2003. “It would have been desirable to have an impartial investigation of the attack first, as […]

The Super Bowl is getting closer to Washington’s Birthday and that would be huge for fans and businesses

Scott Eisen/Getty Images According to a Harris Poll, prior to Super Bowl 50 in 2016, 10.5 million Americans requested or planned to request the a day off from work on the Monday following the Super Bowl, and as many as 16.5 million said they may take the day off. As a result of this tendency, […]