Orphan Age Balances Risk & Reward As You Keep Kids Alive In A Warzone

Children of war must develop far quicker than the average child. With danger lurking in every corner, Orphan Age revolves around keeping a band of kids, each with their own personalities, safe and sound through decisive efforts as you scrounge for what you need in a warzone. You’ll have to make tough choices to gather […]

Hot Wheels’ new AR track turns toy racing into a warzone

Hot Wheels may be known for little die-cast cars, but celebrating its 50th birthday this year doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the past. The brand’s already given us AI-controlled racers and cars on virtual courses, but the one thing that’s gone largely untouched is its signature plastic track. This year, Hot Wheels mixes things up […]

Rio favela turns into warzone as hundreds of troops quell gang violence outbreak (VIDEOS)

Published time: 23 Sep, 2017 04:50 Sounds of heavy gunfire filled the streets of Rio de Janeiro‚Äôs biggest favela, Rocinha, on Friday, as some 950 Brazilian troops, army helicopters and military vehicles flooded the marginalized area to assist police in suppressing gang violence. The moment troops descended onto the troubled neighborhood, notorious for its sporadic […]