AI detects movement through walls using wireless signals

You don’t need exotic radar, infrared or elaborate mesh networks to spot people through walls — all you need are some easily detectable wireless signals and a dash of AI. Researchers at MIT CSAIL have developed a system (RF-Pose) that uses a neural network to teach RF-equipped devices to sense people’s movement and postures behind […]

Princess Eugenie: Royal posts proud photo ahead of Father’s Day from inside palace walls

Princess Eugenie, 28, has the eyes of the world on her, as she is set to be the second royal bride of 2018. Marrying her partner of eight years Jack Brooksbank at Windsor Castle this October, she’s reportedly been busy preparing. Taking a day away from wedding planning, Eugenie attended the Trooping the Colour 2018 […]

Cruise ship storm sees passengers ‘thrown into walls’ and vomiting

Cruise ship holidays often face difficult weather when out at sea, battling cyclones and storms. They can leave passengers struggling onboard with sea sickness and falling objects. Passenger Jessica Grace posted a video showing a P&O Australia ship during a storm, with doors being slammed open as the liner battled strong waves. It also showed […]

911 recordings reveal Apple’s problem of employees walking into walls

Enlarge / Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks about the new Apple headquarters during a media event in Cupertino, California on September 12, 2017. (credit: JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images) Apple Park, the massive donut-shaped Apple headquarters that Apple finished building last year, is an architectural marvel. The building makes extensive use of massive, floor-to-ceiling glass panels, giving […]

Now i'm excused from the school run I'm bouncing off the walls says MINDY HAMMOND

At last, everything is back to normal. Decorations returned to their boxes for another year and the sad skeleton that was once a bushy Christmas tree is on the bonfire. Richard is off on his travels, the girls have resumed their schooling and since Izzy has become a driver I’m excused all those school runs. […]

These walls disappear before your eyes

These walls disappear before your eyes. They’re made of smart glass. Here’s what makes it work like magic. An electric current runs through the glass. The glass is filled with liquid crystal molecules. When the power is switched on the glass becomes clear. When it’s switched off, the glass becomes opaque. It’s commonly used in offices and […]

Border walls are going up globally at a dizzying pace — but history teaches us that walls don’t work

Stringer/Getty Images U.S President Donald Trump is still trying to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico. Throughout history, countless walls were built to keep out enemies such as the Great Wall and Hadrian’s Wall. Border walls typically bring an increase in violence and instability rather than security.   History teaches us […]

SpiderMAV drone shoots ‘webs’ at walls to perch in place

Consumer drones have more or less conquered hovering, but are there easier ways to stay in place? Researchers from Imperial College London have a possible answer: The SpiderMAV, a UAV that shoots ropes that magnetically cling to surfaces to anchor itself in place. Imperial College London’s Aerial Robotics Lab presented the SpiderMAV at the Intelligent […]

Kombucha, climbing walls, free plane tickets for parents, and hard work — A day in the life of a Silicon Valley intern (MSFT)

Becky Peterson/Business Insider The tech industry is famous for having some of the best internships around. From free food, to impressive monthly stipends, Silicon Valley is the place to be for college students hoping to get an engineering job after graduation.  While everyone knows about the perks of corporate tech, we wanted to find out for […]