Hockey Night in Canada podcast: Legendary voices of the game

The Hockey Night In Canada podcast is a weekly CBC Sports production. In each episode, host Rob Pizzo is joined by colourful characters within hockey to discuss great moments and great players and talk about today's stars. The Hockey Night podcast brings you beyond the boxscore with insight you won't find anywhere else. For many people hockey has a voice. It's the narrative that makes it come to life. […]

Voices from the 20th Mumbai Film Festival: #MeToo, Affordable Art and 5 Great Films

The Mumbai Film Festival began as a modest affair, though with the sponsorship of Fox’s Star network and telecom giant Reliance Jio in recent years, it’s exploded into a prestigious destination for cinema the world over. This year, the festival’s 20th, saw both premieres of Indian art-house films as well as arrivals of various 2018 […]

B.C. health official voices ‘grave concerns’ after child given homeopathic remedy using rabid-dog saliva

A B.C. naturopath’s claim that she treated a small child’s behaviour problems with a homeopathic remedy derived from rabid dog saliva has prompted a letter to the federal government from the province’s senior public health official.

Google is giving machines voices that sound more human

Google researchers have found ways to make machine-generated speech sound more natural to humans, members of Google’s Brain and Machine Perception teams said today in a blog post with samples of the more expressive voices. Earlier today, Google announced the beta release of its Cloud Text-to-Speech services to provide customers the same speech synt…Read More

‘Patrick Melrose’ Clip: Benedict Cumberbatch Has Dinner With Voices in His Head

The most recent season of the BBC’s Sherlock wrapped up in January of 2017, so if you’ve been waiting for star Benedict Cumberbatch to play another socially maladjusted misanthrope, Showtime’s new drama series Patrick Melrose is here to help. A new Patrick Melrose clip has arrived, as well as an official premiere date for the show. […]

Amazon will let developers build Alexa skills that recognize unique voices in 2018

Amazon today announced that starting in early 2018, developers will be able to build Alexa skills that recognize unique human voices. Personalized voice profiles are set up through the account of the primary user of an Alexa-enabled device and can be extended to up to 10 users. Voice profiles that recognize up to 10 users were first […]

Sylvio 2 Disturbs With Ghostly Voices In Bleak Halls

Juliette Waters awakens in an empty apartment complex, surrounded by otherworldly voices whispering in the shadows, in Sylvio 2. With a useful EVP recorder, players will have to capture what they’re hearing in the gloom around them, picking up clues, threats, and other sinister words spoken by the ghosts of the long dead. Players are […]