Unlike Some Automakers, BMW’s Keeping Its Visions of the Future in (Very) Low Earth Orbit

A big question mark hanging over the auto industry concerns the rate of electric vehicle adoption, but BMW — unlike some of its rivals — isn’t prone to wild predictions about the public’s enthusiasm for clean, green EVs. Despite rolling out a global plan earlier this year for 25 plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles by […]

AI Weekly: Dystopian visions of AI are distractions from present problems

Writing about AI for any appreciable amount of time is, in my experience, enough to make any reasonable person concerned about the future of humanity. But I worry the focus of that concern is too often directed at the relatively distant future, which could lead to unforeseen consequences in the present. Headlines from the past […]

The Line – A Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Of Strange Creatures & Visions

The Line is about trying to stand out in a long line for resettlement, somewhat like mixing waiting at the DMV with turn-based battles with the other shmucks waiting alongside you. Except the other people sometimes mutate in very unsettling ways, and the line leads to a resettlement project that seems to have something very […]

Brain tumor triggers visions of Virgin Mary & hyper-religiosity for Spanish woman

A Spanish woman suddenly became obsessed with religion and had visions of the Virgin Mary as the direct result of an aggressive brain tumor, a report by her medical team has revealed. The 60-year-old woman from Murcia, southern Spain, had religious apparitions over a two-month period before doctors performed an MRI scan, which revealed she […]