‘Veronica Mars’ Recruits Dawnn Lewis as Neptune’s New Chief of Police

Rob Thomas has recruited a member of his iZombie crew to join the Veronica Mars cast in a new role for the eight-episode Hulu revival series. Dawnn Lewis has been tapped as the new police chief of Neptune, which is a new role for the series and a new position for Neptune, which has finally gone from […]

Veronica Mars: Enrico Colantoni Officially on Board for Hulu Revival

Mars Investigations’ founding father will be present and accounted when Veronica Mars resurfaces in 2019. TVLine has learned that Enrico Colantoni — aka Kristen Bell’s TV dad Keith Mars — has signed on to the forthcoming Hulu revival as a series regular. As we reported last month, the the eight-episode continuation finds Bell’s titular sleuth tracking […]

Cult classic TV show Veronica Mars is Hulu’s latest resurrection

Enlarge / Veronica Mars, circa season three. (credit: Rob Thomas) Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix seem to have all settled on one recipe for success: rebooting cult classic TV series that didn’t quite hit it big in their original broadcast runs. Netflix grabbed Arrested Development (for better or worse), Amazon picked up The Expanse. Now Variety reports that […]

Ich gegen VERONICA!

Und darum geht es in dem Film: Netflix schreibt: “Eine zurückgezogene Psychologin erklärt sich bereit, eine Patientin, deren Therapeut auf mysteriöse Weise verschwunden ist, in ihrer abgelegenen Hütte zu behandeln.” Dieser Artikel erschien zuerst auf Englisch. Let’s block ads! (Why?)

Veronica on Netflix: Did YOU notice this huge part of the movie? ‘Reviews missed it’

The film, directed by Paco Plaza, boasts a cast of young Spanish actors and shows the titular character suffering from paranormal experiences after using a Ouija board. It’s consistently terrifying, but writing on Reddit, one viewer – uscmex – has put a “Latino perspective” on it and highlighted some elements that casual viewers might have […]

Veronica Netflix trailer: Watch the trailer for Netflix horror film Veronica

The Spanish horror film has proven too much to handle for many, with droves of squealing Netflix audiences quitting midway through. Veronica was supposedly so blood-curdling only one in 100 viewers managed to finish it in one sitting. One Twitter user, @fiotoranzo, tweeted: “I was watching the movie veronica on Netflix and I had to […]

Veronica Netflix horror: How to watch and stream online

Veronica is a new Spanish film which has horror fans hooked. It has been dubbed Netflix’s “scariest movie ever” and Twitter users have reported abandoning the movie mid-way, warning others about their terrifying experience. One user wrote: “Started watching Veronica on Netflix…but the demon walking down the hallway scene freaked me out so much I […]

Veronica movie: Is there a SEQUEL to the Netflix horror?

Released in 1976, Cria cuervos starred 8-year-old Ana Torrent, as a character called Ana. Interestingly she also plays a character with her real name in Veronica. Speaking with Cineuropa, the director said: “That was a very obvious reference: she’s also called Ana in my film, just as she is in Cria cuervos. “I enjoyed pondering […]

Veronica on Netflix: Spot the huge BLUNDER after viewer watches ‘scariest horror ever’

Touted by some as the “scariest movie of all time”, Veronica is a Spanish-language horror that has been making waves on the streaming service since its release last month. Based loosely on a true story from Madrid in the 1990s, it follows a young girl who uses a Ouija board – and the terrifying supernatural […]

Veronica on Netflix shock: Horror movie is a ‘SEQUEL’ to THIS classic, director reveals

Cria cuervos, released in 1976, shares something very specific with Veronica: its actress Ana Torrent. Torrent played a character called Ana in Cria cuervos, and she does so again in Veronica. On the shared name, Plaza told Cineuropa: “That was a very obvious reference: she’s also called Ana in my film, just as she is […]