A powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake shook Venezuela’s east coast

Screenshot/Twitter A powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck Venezuela’s east coast on Tuesday.  No injuries were immediately reported.  According to US Geological Survey, large earthquakes in the region are rare, and Tuesday’s was the largest in over a century. Venezuela is currently in the midst of a financial crisis and is grappling with severe food and […]

Venezuela’s largest ISP blocks Tor

Venezuelans have been relying on tools like Tor to access news sources, including local outlets like El Nacional and international ones like CNN en Español, after the government banned them in the country. Unfortunately, they’re going to have to work a little bit harder to circumvent government censorship — according to a report by human […]

Venezuela’s oil criss can’t be stopped

REUTERS/Isaac Urrutia Venezuela’s oil production keeps slipping. Making matters worse, the countries’ debt is swallowing up its cash reserves.  The trend is set to continue. Venezuela’s oil production fell by another 52,000 bpd in February from a month earlier, according to OPEC’s secondary sources data. That put Venezuela’s oil output at 1.548 mb/d for February, down 100,000 […]

Venezuela’s Maduro may be kicked out by own military & get ‘nice’ exile in Cuba, Tillerson hints

Issuing an ambiguous threat to Venezuela, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the army has often been an “agent of change” in the Latin American country and beyond in cases when leadership “can no longer serve the people.” “In the history of Venezuela and South American countries, it is often times that the military […]

Venezuela’s currency plumbs unknown depths

EVEN a modest rate of inflation compounds over time. This is why your tipsy grandfather might wistfully recall how little a pint of beer cost in his heyday. In Venezuela, where prices are rising at a four-figure annual rate, the good old days were last month. The defence minister, Vladimir Padrino López, on January 19th […]

Venezuela’s unpopular president Nicolas Maduro is winning by making sure his opponents lose

Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro has held onto power despite growing opposition to his rule. He has done so by ensuring that his opponents lose political power. He has pursued a divide-and-conquer strategy in Venezuelan politics. Nicolás Maduro, president of crisis-stricken Venezuela, will run for reelection in Venezuela in 2018, Vice President Tarick Al […]

The Billionaire Mogul Fighting to Feed Venezuela’s Hungry Masses

You may not know their names, but the world’s Little Known Billionaires wield a hidden economic clout. Read more of this OZY original series. He’s one of Latin America’s most private billionaires. But as Venezuela lurches through the worst economic, social and political crisis in its history, he’s also become something of a Han Solo […]

Venezuela’s new 100,000-bolivar note is worth less than $2.50 in US dollars

Miraflores Palace/Reuters Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a new 100,000-bolivar note. In US currency, it was worth less than $ 2.50 on the back market as of last week. High inflation after Venezuela’s economic collapse in 2016 caused the bolivar’s value to plummet. Maduro plans to eventually eliminate all physical currency to alleviate cash shortages which continue to cripple […]

Venezuela’s Maduro visits Belarus, holds military talks

Published time: 7 Oct, 2017 19:52 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has visited Belarus and met with the country’s leader, Aleksandr Lukashenko, to discuss greater military cooperation. Ahead of talks with the Belarusian president, Maduro said that “cooperation in the military sphere has been very successful and we need to expand it,” AP reported. Lukashenko said […]