Vascular dementia: Prevent signs and symptoms developing by taking this supplement

VASCULAR DEMENTIA is caused by reduced blood flow to the brain. Sign and symptoms include slowness of though and problems concentrating. While there is still much research needed, there are five lifestyle changes you could make to help prevent the neurodegenerative disease developing.

Vascular dementia symptoms: Could a pair of GLASSES be the key to diagnosis? 

The glasses can track eye movement to diagnose every neurological disease and other conditions, including thyroid eye disease, ptosis and myasthenia gravis. A device is fitted to glasses, to monitor the movement of eyelids.  It measures blinking speed in patients, and how often they blinked. The device can be added to standard refraction glasses – […]

Vascular dementia symptoms: The nine signs you should NEVER ignore

Vascular dementia is triggered by reduced blood flow to the brain, which damages and eventually kills the brain cells.  The debilitating condition tends to affect those over the age of 65. There are a number of reasons why it happens, including a narrowing of blood vessels deep inside the brain, a stroke or lots of […]