BMW will unveil its Formula E racer next week

The fifth season of the Formula E championship is scheduled to start on December 15th in Saudi Arabia, and it will be the first one where BMW participates as an official manufacturer. While all of the cars will use the same next-generation Formula E chassis designed by Spark Racing, the components inside (electronics, inverters, gearboxes […]

New iPhone X release date REVEALED? Latest leak may prove Apple will unveil all soon

September is just a few days away and that means a new iPhone X is on the horizon. Apple always reveals its new smartphones during this month and 2018 is unlikely to be any different. Despite there being no official confirmation about a rebooted iPhone there’s plenty of speculation about what could be coming soon […]

NFL team Atlanta Falcons unveil incredible new retractable roof at Mercedes-Benz Stadium (VIDEO)

There’s a new candidate for the title of the most most technologically advanced stadium in the NFL, as the Atlanta Falcons unveiled a stunning new retractable roof which can open fully in just over eight minutes. The Falcons’ Mercedes-Benz stadium now joins the likes of the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, with its basketball court-sized high […]

Emirates airline unveil windowless aircraft – would you fly in a plane with no windows?

Emirates has unveiled the virtual windows on board the first class cabin of its newest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in a bid to cut costs and increase speed and efficiency. The airline intends to remove all windows from future planes, too. Instead of looking out at the outside world, passengers will see images projected from outside […]

Fox N Forests’ Season-Changing Powers Unveil Secrets And Help Clobber Bosses

A giant wasp isn’t so tough in the winter in Fox N Forests, a game where a fox with a crossbow can change the seasons, affecting the stages and enemies around them in all kinds of helpful ways. Rick the Fox aims to bring justice to the forest denizens and uncover the mystery of the […]

Trump administration to unveil new sales policy to make it easier for allies to buy arms – report

US President Donald Trump will roll out a new weapons sales policy which will make it easier for America’s allies to buy weapons from the country’s biggest arms manufacturers, a new report says. The administration is expected to provide a set of guidelines which will “speed up the approval of arms exports” to certain allies, […]

‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ to Unveil New Mode That Lets You Play as an Ewok

Have you ever wanted to send endless Ewoks into battle to die over and over again? Star Wars Battlefront 2 has you covered. The game is set to unveil a new Ewok mode that allows players to play as an Ewok defending its village or a raiding Stormtrooper trying to survive an ambush. If this game […]

Good Morning Britain: Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid unveil BRAND NEW set – first look here

Hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid could not contain their excitement to be back on air tomorrow with Good Morning Britain, but from the new location. While the BBC moved its output to Manchester, including rival show BBC Breakfast, Piers, 53, and Susanna, have temporarily moved into its old home in White City in the […]