Fortnite Prisoner stage 4 update as new skin location is UNLOCKED

Epic Games are bringing to close one of their final season 7 challenges, how to unlock the Fortnite Prisoner stage 4 skin. It’s been an ongoing task that started with hunting down and completing all parts of the Snowfall challenge. Having unlocked the Prisoner skins, fans then had to work out how to complete each […]

‘Why did they leave it unlocked?’ Woman steals ambulance from medics doing CPR, leads wild chase

An Oregon woman hijacked an ambulance while the paramedics were performing CPR on a patient, then switched on the siren lights and went on a wild 30-mile joyride, chased by a host of police vehicles. When the law enforcers finally stopped her by puncturing the tires of the ambulance with spike strips, Christy Lynn Woods […]

How journalist Neil Shea unlocked the storytelling power of Instagram

James Shackell April 10, 2018 Share this article When it comes to Instagram, most travelers focus on filling their feed with photos. But National Geographic’s Neil Shea was more interested in filling his with words. Now, thousands of followers flock to his feed for his uniquely poetic brand of bite-sized travel storytelling. In 2006, Neil […]

An actual gaming Easter egg was unlocked on an Atari Jaguar cartridge today

The term “Easter egg” has long been used to describe hidden goodies inside of software and video games, but it’s not often that game companies use the designated Easter holiday to actually announce the things. That changed on Sunday with an out-of-nowhere announcement from AtariAge, a modern-day retro publisher known for releasing games for Atari […]

Gone in 30 seconds: Homeless man at Paris airport takes €490,000 from unlocked office & vanishes

Published time: 4 Jan, 2018 23:51 Edited time: 4 Jan, 2018 23:51 Christmas came early for a homeless man at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport who stumbled on two bags of cash holding €490,000, after he “accidentally” leaned on a door at one of the terminals. The man, only identified by airport police as a […]

Apple now offers unlocked iPhone X models in the US

Enlarge / The iPhone X’s display, with rounded edges and the sensor housing—also called the notch. (credit: Samuel Axon) Just over a month after the iPhone X debuted, Apple is now selling carrier-agnostic models of the iPhone X. US customers can place orders on Apple’s website for SIM-free iPhone Xs, rather than ordering a device […]

An 87-year-old scientist may have just unlocked the secret to growing rice in saltwater

Getty Images / Guang Niu Scientists in China have developed more than 200 new strains of high-yield, saltwater-tolerant rice. The research team hopes the crops will eventually be grown in boggy swamps and coastal areas, and feed as many as 200 million people. Recent tests were conducted in diluted salt water that has roughly 10% of the level of salt naturally found in […]

‘Unlocked’ Trailer: Noomi Rapace and Orlando Bloom Are On The Run

It’s been a long time since the original Bourne trilogy, and terrorism thrillers – even last year’s continuation of that franchise, Jason Bourne – don’t have quite the same appeal that they used to. I don’t know if it’s because we’re too far from the events of September 11, 2001, or if these movies can sometimes […]