A ‘dark matter’ hurricane that we can’t see or hear is blasting past Earth, and it’s one of the universe’s biggest conundrums

A fast hurricane of dark matter is approaching Earth at 310 miles per second, according to astronomers. Very little is known about this occurrence, since the lightweight dark matter can’t be seen nor felt. Scientists can only prove that the dark matter exists based on the movement and placement of a stellar stream, which has […]

Dreams’ story mode will patch in 3 different universes

Media Molecule’s Dreams for the PlayStation 4 will have a story mode that will combine three different universes. Sony made the announcement tonight at its PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, California. Siobhan Reddy of Media Molecule said onstage that the story mode was created with the tools that the team created for making Dreams. Users […]

NFL quarterbacks and tech companies rule their respective universes — here are 7 spot-on comparisons (AAPL, APRN, TSLA, TWTR, BABA, AMZN, FB)

Reuters/Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports Tech companies and NFL quarterbacks have a surprising amount in common. While tech stocks carry outsized influence, often dictating the direction of the whole market, professional football teams are also at the whim of their signal-callers. The market would crash if tech stocks started failing — the dotcom bubble anyone? — just like […]