'Star Wars Last Jedi and Doctor Who BACKLASHES are the same' Is THIS why fans are unhappy?

They are two of the most iconic franchises in modern popular culture. In 2018 both Star Wars and Doctor Who encountered major fan backlashes. Jodi Whitacker’s ground-breaking first season as the Gallifrey globe and universe-trotter wraps up this evening on BBC 1 in a series that has seen falling viewer numbers and rumblings of discontent. Star Wars Episode […]

‘They knew I was a bit unhappy’: ‘The Walking Dead’ star says he was frustrated and bored with his role on the show

Gene Page/AMC Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for “The Walking Dead” season nine, episode eight, “Evolution.” Tom Payne said he missed the call from AMC’s “The Walking Dead” showrunner Angela Kang when she was about to tell him his character, Jesus, was getting killed off the show.See the rest of the story at Business […]

‘Deeply unhappy’ Sarah Ferguson continues public charm offensive after royal wedding snub

Sarah Ferguson, the ex wife of Prince Andrew, 58, visited Huddersfield yesterday. The Duchess of York seemed in good spirits despite reports she is “deeply unhappy” about matters related to royal wedding invitations. On Monday last week it was reported that Fergie, the mother of Prince Harry’s cousins, Princess Eugenie, 28, and Princess Beatrice, 29, […]

Relationship Anxiety: The Reason Why You Have Unhappy Relationships

Relationship anxiety is probably something you’re already struggling with but you don’t know much about it. It is a type of anxiety that gets in the way of having a healthy and fulfilling bond with another person. If you suffer from relationship anxiety, it’s important to become aware of it. Without self-awareness, you will fail […]

85% of Americans unhappy with Congress, most think it serves lobbyists, not the people

The overwhelming majority of Americans, irrespective of party allegiance, holds a dismal opinion of Congress, a fresh poll shows. It found 89 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans disapprove of the legislature’s work. The new poll, published by the Associated Press-NORC Center on Monday, revealed that a total of 85 percent of Americans […]

You Won’t Feel Happy If You Have Never Experienced What Makes You Unhappy

Without the rain, there would never be rainbows. There are many things in this world belong to a relative concept, big and small, long and short, happy and sad, ups and downs; and these are exactly the moments we go through that makes up the whole life we live. The post You Won’t Feel Happy […]

Facebook researched why social media can make people unhappy to help create new features that let you ‘snooze’ people and ‘take a break’ from your ex (FB)

Stephen Lam/Reuters Facebook introduced new newsfeed tools on Friday, one of which will let you snooze updates from people or pages for 30 days. The snooze feature is based on research that people are more happy using social media when they interact with people they like, versus just browsing the news feed, which some research […]

 Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Debbie McGee unhappy with tonight's routine for THIS reason

The 59-year-old former magician’s assistant amazed the judges and viewers alike with her breathtaking Charleston last weekend, scoring a staggering 39 points. With the pressure on to keep her top spot on the leaderboard, however, the Strictly Come Dancing star has confessed that her routine this week isn’t ideal for her. Revealing that she is […]

Star Wars Han Solo movie title: Unhappy fans reveal HILARIOUS name they wanted

It was supposed to be a big revelation. Unfortunately, the confirmation that the Han Solo movie will be called exactly what everyone has been expecting for months has provoked a rush of fan memes, tweets and hilarious alternatives. Now that everyone knows that the movie will be called ‘Solo’ it seems that the return of […]

Fear TWD Recap: Unhappy Trails to You

But… but we hadn’t even gotten to say, “Hail, hail, the gang’s all here” yet. Nonetheless, Sunday’s Fear the Walking Dead found another member of our long-splintered group bailing on the reunion that showrunner Dave Erickson promised was coming. Can’t say we blamed the character in question for pulling an Ofelia and striking out on their […]