7 regular people who went undercover in high school found teachers face an unprecedented obstacle— and it’s an uphill battle

A&E Seven young adults went undercover as students at a Kansas high school for the show “Undercover High” on A&E. They found that smartphones have made it harder and harder for teachers to do their jobs. Students are constantly distracted by phones in class, even though the school has a no-phone policy. At Highland Park […]

K.C. Undercover Series Finale: Grade It!

“This could be my last mission ever,” Zendaya’s character declared shortly into Friday’s K.C. Undercover. It’s almost as if she knew that the two-part episode was actually the show’s series finale. RELATEDGirl Meets World Creator: What Fans Would Have Seen in Season 4 * Speaking of Brady, Marisa dumped him after he failed a “trust test,” only […]

7 young adults went undercover as high-school students and found that life as a teenager today is nothing like they remember

A&E Seven young adults went undercover as students at a Kansas high school for the documentary series “Undercover High.” The volunteers, ages 21 to 26, made themselves look younger, and one of them even got braces to look the part. They discovered issues students were going through that even the administration didn’t know about. You […]

Police Chief Charged With Trying To Solicit Sex From A 14-Year-Old Who Was Actually An Undercover Cop

A Pennsylvania police chief hailed as a local hero after losing his arm in a June fireworks accident was arrested Friday on suspicion of trying to solicit sex from a14-year-old girl online. At the time of his arrest, Leechburg Police Chief Michael Diebold believed he was meeting 14-year-old girl for sex, after arranging the encounter […]

NCIS: How Cozy Will Bishop/Torres Get While Undercover? — 2018 FIRST LOOK

It’s shades of NCIS Season 3, Episode 8 when Agents Bishop and Torres go undercover as a couple — and TVLine has an exclusive first look at just how close the two get while doing so. PHOTOSGet 2018 First Looks From NCIS: Los Angeles, Scorpion, MacGyver and Many Other Shows In the CBS drama’s first […]

Undercover Michigan police no longer off the hook for sex with prostitutes

Published time: 14 Dec, 2017 04:14 Sex with prostitutes in Michigan isn’t legal, but until Wednesday, undercover police in the state couldn’t be prosecuted for sleeping with streetwalkers. Police agencies deny ever using the law or training officers to do the horizontal hula with hookers. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) signed into law on Wednesday […]

An undercover blogger lived a double life for 2 years in ISIS-occupied Iraq to document the group’s atrocities — here’s his story

A historian spent years living under Islamic State rule in Mosul, Iraq, documenting the group’s crimes and blogging about them to thousands of followers online. Now that the Islamic State hopes for a caliphate in Iraq and Syria are virtually dead, the historian feels compelled to reveal his identity. The historian carried secrets too heavy […]

Inside ‘Antifa’: Undercover video purports to show group plotting violence

Conservative comedian and commentator Steven Crowder says he and his producer have infiltrated the secretive ‘Antifa’ movement and recorded video showing how its members prepared activists for violence at a protest. Crowder, a comedian, podcast host and former Fox News contributor, released the 11-minute video allegedly exposing Antifa, a self-proclaimed group of anti-fascists, of plotting […]

Lupita Nyong’o Shares Video of Her Undercover Comic-Con Antics

This past Saturday, 6,500 fans saw actress Lupita Nyong’o take the stage during Marvel Studios’ panel to promote the upcoming superhero film Black Panther. But it turns out way more people than that saw her in San Diego, but they just didn’t know it: the Oscar-winning star has shared a video that shows how she suited up in a Pink […]

Coronation Street spoiler: Was evil policeman Neil UNDERCOVER the whole time? 

The 38-year-old actor appeared on Lorraine earlier today to discuss his harrowing role as rapist Neil Clifton, explaining that he almost turned it down.  Teasing the storyline’s resolution, Ben threw a curveball into the ring, leaving Lorraine Kelly stunned.  “Maybe it was all undercover, and I’m gonna team up with Bethany to bring Nathan down… […]