WATCH: Shocking moment tourists are nearly hit by flying beach umbrellas in whirlwind

Turkey beachgoers were left stunned and afraid after violent gusts of wind sent beach umbrellas and deckchairs hurtling through the air towards them, a shocking viral video has shown. The alarming clip captured the moment strong winds pummelled the seaside tourist town of Kas in Antalya Province, southwestern Turkey. A holidaymaker filmed the footage which recorded the grey […]

Ten things you never knew about… umbrellas

1. The database of the European Patent Office includes more than 10,000 inventions with “umbrella” in the title. None have poison tips…  2. …they do however include at least seven patents for umbrellas for dogs and one patent for a combination umbrella and dog repellent.  3. The word umbrella comes from umbra, Latin for shade. […]

No Umbrellas.

No Umbrellas. Shimbashi, Tokyo, Japan. By Shawn Danker. Advertisement JPGs is a photo peek into wherever gamers might find interesting. If you’re a photographer and have images you want to share, drop us a line! Kotaku